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Andy Warhol monument unvieled

Andy Warhol monumentThe Andy Warhol Monument, by artist Rob Pruitt, his homage to Andy father of Pop Art and one of New Yorks enduring cultural icons in unvieled in front of Warhols former Union Square Factory studio in New York March 30, 2011.  [Rob Pruitt]

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Eden Project in Cornwall

Eden Projec

An aerial view of the Eden Project in Cornwall.  Picture Jason Hawkes

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Tandilia System- oldest rock formations on Earth

Tandilia System

Seen above are the remains an ancient mountain range and one of the oldest rock formations on Earth known as the Tandilia System, named for the nearby town of Tanadil. Photographer: Luis Argerich Luis’s web site

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Zodiacal light- a ghostly glow

zodiacal lightOne of the rarest of Earth’s  astronomical events is a ghostly glow called the zodiacal light that the ancient Greeks believed that it was caused by distant volcanic eruptions.

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New parliamentary complex of Albania

parliamentary complex Vienna-based office coop himmelb(l)au has won the competition to design ‘the new Parliamentary complex of the Republic of Albania’ in the capital city of Tirana.

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Oasis- off road electric vehicle


Oasis is an all-electric concept vehicle that allows you to explore the vast stretches of sand dust under seething sun with relative comfort and clean energy. This off-road vehicle might be useful not just in the deserts, but also on the dirt tracks that are too demanding for your normal city wheels.

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Very lucky zebra

lion-zebraThis lion was left to rue the day he ever crossed this particular zebra – after it escaped his deathly jaws and delivered a painful kick to the face for good measure. The image was captured from a safari jeep in Ngorongoro Conservation area, Tanzania, by Thomas Whetten, from Tucson, USA.


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25 Years of Pixar Animation

Pixar Animation

25 Years of Pixar Animation.  Watch the video…


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Light-graffiti Range Rover Evoque

Light-graffiti A light-graffiti Range Rover Evoque is pictured in front of the Houses of Parliament in London. The striking images are the latest work of Marc Cameron and photographer Mark Brown.


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LeviathanationPeople visit Chinese artist Huang Yongping’s installation art work named ‘Leviathanation’ at Tang Contemporary Art of 798 Art District in Beijing.

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