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Sarakiniko beach, Milos island

Sarakiniko beach

The photo above features Sarakiniko Beach on the island of Milos in the Aegean Sea. It’s one of the most bizarre beaches of the Cyclades island group.   Photographer: Attila Csernatoni


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Holiday Snow Angel (video)

star-forming region- Sharpless 2-106

The bipolar star-forming region, called Sharpless 2-106, looks like a soaring, celestial snow angel. The outstretched “wings” of the nebula record the contrasting imprint of heat and motion against the backdrop of a colder medium.


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Last Walk around Mirror Lake – Boom Bip

Blue Sky is filming action adventures

Blue Sky have been filming action adventures and aerials around the globe, for more than 27 years. From the fast jets of the Swedish Air Force, to the steep slopes of Mount Everest, and the remote location of Antarctica, we have met every challenge with a film camera.


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Cardinal Sin by Banksy

Cardinal Sin at the Walker Art Gallery

The ‘Cardinal Sin’ sculpture by renowned graffiti artist Banksy, is now on display at the Walker Art Gallery. This is the first time it’s ever been on display!


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Stratus clouds, Greenland

Stratus clouds

Eight hundred miles south of the North Pole, stalactite-like stratus clouds—churned by 90-mile-an-hour winds—and the light of a bruised dawn paint an apocalyptic portrait over Inglefield Bay.   Photograph by Bryan and Cherry Alexander

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World’s shortest woman

world s shortest woman by Guinness World Records

Jyoti Am ge, a high school student in central India as she turned 18, was recognized as the world’s shortest woman by Guinness World Records. She is 62.8 centimeters (24.7 inches) tall – shorter than the average two year-old.

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Entrepreneur-ship for visa solution

California startup by Blueseed Co

California startup wants to dock a vessel off the coast of San Francisco, to house foreign entrepreneurs who have dreams of creating the next Software giant but can’t get visas to work in the United States. The drawing is provided by Blueseed Co.

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The Box concept vehicle

The Box concept

The Box concept car designed by James Brooks and Richard Bone, with an aim of providing an inexpensive, easy to maintain, ride sharing solution for Metropolitan areas.


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Creative Photo manipulations

Photo manipulations (7)

Imaginative collection of photo manipulations.


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Spectacular Martian Sunrises

Martian Sunrises

Good morning, Red planet!  We are lucky to observe a sunrise over Mars from the vantage point of high orbit.


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