Prohibition Kit by Francesco Morackini

This prohibition liquor-distilling kit by Vienna designer Francesco Morackini, is composed of 4 functional products. Once those 4 products are plugged together, you create your own Alcohol distiller to produce your own homemade liquor.

Images © Francesco Morackini

The prohibition kit is composed of 4 fully functional products, that you can find in almost every dwelling:
a watering can, a fondue stove, a cooking pot and a fruit bowl.

Prohibition Kit by Francesco Morackini

The designer explains:

“Producing schnapps, liquor or alcohol is very restricted by the law in most countries. The separated elements are legal but put together the objects become illegal. I wanted to explore the limit of legislation.

This material has always been used for the construction of stills since ancient times.

With the evolution of time and technologies, new materials have been introduced such as stainless steel, but old Europe will by no means exchange their copper stills.”

Prohibition Kit by Francesco Morackini

Prohibition Kit by Francesco Morackini

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