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High-Speed Canyon Jet Ski

Canyon Jet Ski

Jet skiing in high-speed through an extreme narrow water-filled canyon, on Lake Powell.   Watch the video…

By |August 31, 2014|Categories: Aquatic, Sports

House of Vans skatepark in London

House of Vans

Beneath the city’s Waterloo station, the newly opened ‘House of Vans’, spread across five tunnels, offering the London‘s only indoor skatepark.

By |August 28, 2014|Categories: Architecture, Sports

Wingsuit flight in the Alps

The Avalanche Line

The Avalanche Line, an amazing wingsuit flight in the Alps, so close between trees!   Watch the video…

By |August 25, 2014|Categories: Sports

Humorous but true facts about our daily life

Humorous facts about our life (16)

Take a look at these humorous but true facts about our modern daily life.

By |August 25, 2014|Categories: Entertainment news

Adorable reaction watching Space Shuttle launch

watching Space Shuttle launch

Oh my goodness!… Oh my goodness!… Watch little girl’s adorable reaction watching Space Shuttle launch!    Take a look at the video…

By |August 24, 2014|Categories: Entertainment news

NIKE reactive LED basketball court

Nike House of Mamba

Nike ‘House of Mamba’ the world’s first full-sized reactive LED basketball court, with motion-tracking and reactive visualisation technology built into the floor.    Watch the video…

By |August 18, 2014|Categories: Entertainment news, Technology news

Swimarium virtual reality swimming pool

Swimarium VR swimming pool

Swimarium virtual reality swimming pool the next generation entertainment. Features LED displays placed all around the pool, creating a VR swimming experience.

By |August 16, 2014|Categories: Computers, Entertainment news

Unbelievable workout

breakdancer workout

Unbelievable workout of professional breakdancer Simon Ata, based in Melbourne, Australia.   Take a look at the amazing video…

By |August 16, 2014|Categories: Sports

Amazing Yo-Yo World Champion skills

Yo-Yo World Champion

Amazing skills by Yo-Yo world champion, Californian Gentry Stein.    Take a look at the video…

By |August 14, 2014|Categories: Sports

Top Robin Williams performances

Robin Williams

Robin Williams 1951-2014, was known for his impersonations and manic stand-up, but also shines in dramatic roles.    Watch the video…

By |August 13, 2014|Categories: Entertainment news
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