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Rebuilding the Interstellar Black Hole


In the video Shanks FX – PBS Digital Studios recreate the black hole from Christopher Nolan‘s film Interstellar.   Watch the video to find out how…

By |November 21, 2014|Categories: Astronomy, Entertainment news

Skyscraper – world’s tallest Roller Coaster new video

Skyscraper Roller Coaster

New amazing video featuring track layout and POV for the 500 feet tall Skyscraper, the world’s tallest roller coaster, at Skyplex in Orlando.   Take a look at the video…

By |November 20, 2014|Categories: Entertainment news, Technology news

Interstellar and Google Educate Students

Interstellar lessons

Interstellar creators and google joined forces to launch a special program for students interested in Wormholes, gravitational forces, relativity, and warped space-time.

By |November 19, 2014|Categories: Astronomy, Entertainment news

Benedict Cumberbatch’s Celebrity Impressions

Benedict Cumberbatch

Watch as Benedict Cumberbatch impersonates Sean Connery, Matthew McConaughey, jack Nicholson and many more!   Watch the video…

By |November 17, 2014|Categories: Entertainment news

The Wingsuit Flying Carpet

Wingsuit jump

Wingsuit flying BASE jumper acting as a flying carpet for a skydiving canopy flyer in Romsdalen valley, Norway. Watch the video…

By |November 16, 2014|Categories: Sports

How to draw a perfect circle

Drawing a circle

This simple technique help you how to draw a perfect circle freehand. Watch the video…

By |November 16, 2014|Categories: Entertainment news

Interstellar explained in a simple timeline

Interstellar timeline 1

If you didn’t fully understand Interstellar this timeline by Frametale’s Dogan Can Gundogdu, explains it all very clearly.

By |November 14, 2014|Categories: Entertainment news

Wingsuit jumping in Moab

Wingsuit jump in Moab

A wingsuit jumping video in one of the most impressive places, Moab, in Utah.   Watch the video…

By |November 12, 2014|Categories: Sports

A mash up of scenes from Space movies

scenes from Space movies

A stunning mash up of scenes from Space movies, by MOVIECLIPS Trailers, that puts together scenes from the best Space films ever made.   Watch the video…

By |November 10, 2014|Categories: Entertainment news, Space

True Facts about our daily life part II

True Facts about our life

New series of True Facts infographies about our daily life, that make us smile…

By |November 10, 2014|Categories: Entertainment news