Laird Hamilton foil boarding in Raglan

Foil boarding in Raglan

Watch Laird Hamilton foil boarding in Raglan, New Zealand outer points. A foilboard is a surfboard with a hydrofoil attached below.   Take a look at the video…

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BASE jump into the unknown

BASE jump into the foggy unknown

Watch GoPro athlete Marshall Miller BASE jumps into the foggy unknown in Lauterbrennen, Switzerland.   Take a look at the video…

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Flying with a wingsuit in slow motion

Flying with a wingsuit

Flying with a wingsuit through the mountains in Walenstadt, Switzerland, in slow motion video…

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A tribute to Lindsey Vonn

Lindsey Vonn

Lindsey Vonn has come back from two tumultuous seasons to claim her 63rd World Cup win and secured her place as the Ski World Record holder for most wins.   Watch the videos…

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Synchronized Skydive in Dubai

Synchronized Skydive

Synchronized Skydive by Aleksander and Mikhael, over Dubai in a mesmerizing routine over the iconic Palm Islands.

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Flying through Undersea Currents

Undersea Currents

This stunning video shows free diver Guillaume Néry ‘flying’ through undersea currents, in the Tiputa pass, North of Tahiti…

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Ice Climbing Frozen Niagara Falls

Ice Climbing Niagara, WIll Gadd (3)

Ice climbing frozen Niagara falls, the world’s largest flowing waterfall, by Internationally renowned ice climber and paraglider Will Gadd, from Alberta, Canada.   Watch the video…

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Tennis brings out the big guns

Tennis game with a tank

Tennis brings out the big guns…  Novak Djokovic Vs a computer generated M1 Abrams tank, Semi-Final.   Watch the game…

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How the NFL Football is made

NFL Football

In the video you can see how the NFL Football is made, at the Wilson Sporting Goods factory, the source of the N.F.L.’s handmade footballs.

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The ultimate archery tricks

archery tricks

The ultimate archery tricks. Danish archer Lars Andersen has proved, Hollywood archery has very little to do with real war archery.   Watch the stunning video…

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