Unbelievable workout

breakdancer workout

Unbelievable workout of professional breakdancer Simon Ata, based in Melbourne, Australia.   Take a look at the amazing video…

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Amazing Yo-Yo World Champion skills

Yo-Yo World Champion

Amazing skills by Yo-Yo world champion, Californian Gentry Stein.    Take a look at the video…

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Endless Barrels at Skeleton Bay

Endless Barrels

Amazing endless barrels by Benji Brand that won the GoPro of the World, at Namibia’s fabled Skeleton Bay.   Watch the video…

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Barefoot Skiing behind Airplane

Airplane Barefoot Skiing

These guys do barefoot skiing behind airplane, push ups on the water’s surface and more crazy things!   Watch the video…

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Record breaking 6-year-old Skates under 39 cars

6-year-old Skates under 39 cars

Record breaking 6-year-old flexible kid Gagan Satish, from India, skates under 39 cars, a 230-foot distance in just 29.8 seconds.   Watch the video…

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Surfing the Ends of the Earth

Surfing at the Ends of the Earth

A stunning video and photographs with brave surfers by photographer Chris Burkard, at the sub-zero environment in the Arctic Circle, at the Ends of the Earth…

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Wingsuit flying through a Waterfall

Wingsuit flying

This guy flies his Squirrel Aura wingsuit through a waterfall in Switzerland.   Watch the video…

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hula hoop

In this video you can see the amazing skills of Rachael Lust performing with a hula hoop.

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Audi Soccer Scoreboard

Soccer Scoreboard

Audi has created a giant LED Soccer Scoreboard using the headlights of 28 Audi A8 flagship sedans, to celebrate the World Cup month, on the shores of Greenpoint, Brooklyn.   Take a look at the video…

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Running on Water

Running on Water

Could running on water really be possible?  Take a look at the video to find out…

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