Impressive Owl Portraits by Brad Wilson

Owl Portrait

Impressive portraits of owls published at the National Audobon Society’s magazine, by photographer Brad Wilson.


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Snow-covered Bald Eagle keeps her Eggs warm

Snow-covered Bald Eagle

Watch Live the heroic snow-covered Bald Eagle, keeping her eggs warm in her nest!   Take a look at the live camera feed…


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The amazing Crab vacancy chain

Crab vacancy chain

Watch the amazing Hermit Crab vacancy chain, as featured in the ‘Home’ episode of Life Story, BBC1.  Take a look at the video…


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Amazing Praying Mantis mimics Flower

Praying Mantis mimics Flower

A praying mantis that mimics an orchid attracts unsuspecting insects and then eats the duped victims.   Watch the video…


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A girl receives gifts from birds she’s been feeding

Girl receives gifts from birds she’s been feeding

8-year-old girl receives these gifts from the crows she’s been feeding since she was four!


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Luminous Life


More than four-fifths of Earth’s organisms known to make light live in the ocean. Their glowing existence has perks and pitfalls.   Photo by David Liittschwager/National Geographic


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The hardest natural material ever found

The teeth of the limpet

Researchers discover that the teeth of the limpet, small aquatic snail-like creatures with conical shells, is hardest natural material ever found.


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Unbelievable Octopus camouflage

Octopus camouflage

Can you see an octopus??  Take a look at the video, for nature’s amazing camouflage capabilities…


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This is why Unicorns disappeared


Find out the ‘reason’ why Unicorns disappeared, in this clever commercial for French network Canal+.   Watch the video…


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Mighty Mites

PARAZERCON SP., magnified 556 times

Mites crawl and breed in the strangest places. Some set up shop on bodies. Like yours.   This predatory soil mite is the terror of its microscopic world. Parazercon mite, magnified 556 times. image © Martin Oeggerli /National Geographic


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