An incredible Caracal slaps down a bird in flight


An incredible video showing a Caracal, a fierce and agile predator, how it slaps down a bird in flight!   Take a look at the video…

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Zootopia world’s most advanced Zoo

Zootopia zoo

Zootopia an ambitious project in Givskud, Denmark, by BIG architects, that according to local press will be world’s most advanced Zoo.

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Goliath Grouper attacks off Jupiter Florida

Goliath Grouper attacks

This Goliath grouper attacks a man and then… steals the fish he caught. This was shot by his wife using a GoPro Hero 3 in about 80ft of water off Jupiter, FL.   Watch the video…

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Clever crow solves puzzles to get food

Clever crow

A clever crow knows how to solve puzzles to get food. He understands size, shape, density, weight and more!   Watch the video…

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Kayak raised by whale

Kayak - whale

A kayak with two persons raised by whale twice in Puerto Madryn!  Watch the amazing video…

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World’s Largest Aquatic Insect

Largest Aquatic Insect Megaloptero 2

The world’s largest aquatic insect discovered in the mountains of Chengdu in China’s Sichuan province. The specimen boasts a wingspan of 21 cm.

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Learn how to talk to animals

how to talk to animals

Have you ever seen the BBC, new series all about animal communication called Talk to the Animals?    Watch the first video…

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Preventing Bites from Dangerous Animals

Preventing Bites

In this very useful infographic you can see how and where dangerous animals can bite you and what to do to prevent them…

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Fish Bombs

aerial fish restocking

This plane is not polluting the beautiful environment, is actually stocking a remote lake in Utah with fish… Performing an aerial fish restocking.   Watch the video…

By |July 10, 2014|Categories: Animals, Aviation

Biggest-Ever Flying Bird

Pelagornis sandersi

World’s largest-ever flying bird has just been discovered, with a wingspan was about 24 feet long, as big as small plane.

By |July 8, 2014|Categories: Animals
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