A dog runs towards the sea

dog loves the sea

Run Walter, RUN!! Walter the adorable Labrador is a special dog, who really loves the sea! He lives in Siracusa, Sicily, italy.   Take a look at the video…

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British Wildlife Photography Awards 2014 Winners

winning picture- The Tourist

The British Wildlife Photography Awards winners have been announced. The Awards celebrate both the work of amateur and professional photographers and the beauty and diversity of British wildlife.   The winning picture ‘The Tourist’, is by Lee Acaster, for his image of a Greylag Goose in London.

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Huge Dinosaur heavier than a Boeing 737 discovered

Dinosaur Dreadnoughtus schrani (5)

Huge dinosaur heavier than a Boeing 737, seven times bigger than T-Rex, discovered, weighted the amazing amount of 65 tons.   Image © Carnegie Museum of Natural History

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Crazy Ant behavior of Collective Intelligence

Ant behavior

In the stunning video you will see a crazy ant behavior of collective intelligence, when transformed into a chain to pull a dead millipede.   Watch the amazing video…

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Bioluminescence firework by Cardinal fish

Bioluminescence firework

Physicist and BBC presenter Helen Czerski uncovers an amazing light phenomenon, a bioluminescence firework that issues when a cardinal fish swallows ostracods. “It’s like a little fish firework.”   Watch the video…

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Pro Wildlife campaign

Pro Wildlife

Pro Wildlife campaigned against this awful, still valid, activity to hunt endangered species, for the trophy or pleasure!

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Homeless People and their Dogs = Unconditional Love

Homeless People and their Dogs (11)

These amazing photographs of homeless people and their dogs prove that dogs love their owners unconditionally.    Image credit Kirsten Starcher

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Serenading the cattle with my trombone

Serenading the cattle with my trombone

Amazing, this guy plays his trombone until the cows come home!   Take a look at the video…

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Glowing creatures by Eleanor Lutz

Glowing creatures

In this impressive infographic you can see most of our planet glowing creatures. They are able to produce and emit light on their own, they are bioluminescent.

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Toucan plays with traffic cam in Brazil


A Toucan displayed in camera that monitors traffic on a highway in São Paulo, in Brazil.    Watch the video…

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