This is why Unicorns disappeared


Find out the ‘reason’ why Unicorns disappeared, in this clever commercial for French network Canal+.   Watch the video…

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Mighty Mites

PARAZERCON SP., magnified 556 times

Mites crawl and breed in the strangest places. Some set up shop on bodies. Like yours.   This predatory soil mite is the terror of its microscopic world. Parazercon mite, magnified 556 times. image © Martin Oeggerli /National Geographic

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The actual size of the sea’s elusive Monsters

elusive Monsters infographic

In this infographic you can find out the actual size of the seas elusive Monsters, compared to a human.

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A Shark giving Birth in the Ocean photographed for the first time

Shark giving Birth in the Ocean

An Oceanic Shark giving birth was photographed for the first time by Marine biologists off the coast of the Philippines.

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Tiger jumps to catch meat – in slow-motion

Tiger jumps

Watch the amazing power of the tiger, when jumps to grab its food, in slow-mo.  Take a look at the video…

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A Rare half-male and half-female Bird

cardinal half-male and half-female

A bi-colored northern cardinal half-male and half-female bird. These animals, called a “gynandromorph,” are rare.

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Deepest fish ever recorded at 8145m

Deepest fish - snailfish

Deepest fish ever recorded in the Mariana Trench, a completely unknown variety of snailfish with a translucent body, is the deepest living fish.   Watch the videos…

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Humpback Whales Bubble Feeding

Humpback Whales

Aerial Drone Footage of large group of Humpback whales feeding in the Pristine waters of Alaska, from seagulls Point of View.   Watch the video…

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Owls can Swim!

Owl Swiming

It’s amazing how this owl swims! A great horned owl, after being attacked by a bunch of falcons, swims across Lake Michigan.   Watch the video…

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Underwater monster caught on Film for the first time

Melanocetus anglerfish

Rare underwater monster, the Melanocetus anglerfish, caught on film for the first time.    Watch the terrifying video…

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