Animals becoming Extinct 1,000 times faster than before Humans

Animals Extinct global map

Species are now becoming extinct 1,000 times faster than before humans existed and about 10 times faster than was previously believed, claims biologist Stuart Pimm of Duke University.   Illustration credit by Clinton JenKins

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First dog to fly on a Wingsuit

dog to fly on a Wingsuit

Rock climber, high-liner and human flyer, Dean Potter, wingsuit BASE jumps with his dog, Whisper from the Eiger, Switzerland.   Watch the video…

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Bear Mum saves cub from motorway

Bear Mum saves cub

Bear mum saves cute cub from motorway in Canada. The video was filmed by a Toronto hunter.    Take a look at the video…

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The Dogs of War

Dogs of War

Out in front of America’s troops, combat canines and their handlers lead the way onto the most dangerous battlefields on Earth.    Image © Adam Ferguson/National Geographic

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Jumping Crocodiles in Slow Motion

Jumping Crocodiles

In Crocosauruscove in Darwin, Australia, you can feed crocodiles, ‘swim’ with crocodiles, and get really up close to them. Feeding them using a fishing rod is a really unique experience, as you can see they can jump completely out of the water.

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Octopus Unscrew the lid of a Jar


An octopus is so much intelligent to unscrew the lid of a jar, from inside, to get free!   Watch the video…

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Great White Shark attacks Inflatable Boat!

White Shark attacks Inflatable Boat

A great white shark attacks inflatable boat, off the coast of Mossel Bay in South Africa!   Take a look at the video for the full story…

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A Dinosaur Just Flew By!

Dinosaurs evolved into birds

Dinosaurs are not extinct but have evolved into birds. That’s what scientists claim in a study published by the journal Public Library of Science Biology.

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Amazing winners of the Nikon Small World in Motion contest

Quail Embryo at 10 Day Incubation

The winner‘s video along with those of the 2nd and 3rd place, of the 2013 Nikon Small World in Motion contest 2013.    Watch the stunning videos…

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Rock Climbing Bears

Rock Climbing Bears

Endangered Mexican Black Bears (momma and cub) climb Santa Elena Canyon wall.   Take a look at the amazing video…

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