Did Humans Cause the Extinction of the World’s Giant Beasts?

wooly mammoths

A debate is raging at the annual Megafauna Conference as to whether the demise of such giant beasts as wooly mammoths, mastodons, and sabretooths were caused by natural climate change or overhunting.   Image ©

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Curious Cheetah cub greets visitors

Cheetah cub (8)


Bobby-Jo Clow instead of panic when found yourself face-to-face with a young cheetah, while on safari at the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania, she kept calm…

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The shark whisperer

The shark whisperer

A diver puts a Caribbean reef shark into a trance using just his hands, while British underwater photographer Simon Enderby captured the amazing moment during a routine feeding dive off the coast of the Bahamas.  Watch the video…

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Bill could Stop Killer Whale Shows in California

Orca - Killer Whale

In response to the 2013 documentary film ‘Blackfish,’ California Assemblyman Richard Bloom, proposed a bill that would ban keeping killer whales in captivity for the purposes of entertainment.  The ‘Orca Welfare and Safety Act’ would outlaw all SeaWorld-type of shows as well as any captive breeding of the animals.   Image © wikimedia

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Virginia Morell gets inside animal heads

Virginia Morell gets inside animal heads

Do you wonder what are animals really thinking and feeling? Virginia Morell in her book “Animal Wise” explores their hidden world.    Image © Nina P

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Cats and dogs have a ‘sixth sense’ UV vision

Cats and dogs have a sixth sense UV vision  1

Biologists at City University London found that a variety of mammals have UV vision that make them seem like they have a ‘sixth sense’.

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Snake eats Crocodile after 5 hour battle

Snake eats Crocodile after 5 hour battle 1

A  python measuring around 10ft devours crocodile after 5 hour battle, caught on video…

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Quicksilver Tuna

Quicksilver Tuna 1

It is the king of fish. It helped build civilizations. It is superfast. And it is perilously overfishedBluefin tuna in an undersea pen in the Mediterranean are fattened for the booming sushi market. These fish were taken from the wild, reducing the potential breeding population.   Image © Brian Skerry/National Geographic

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The Octopus Affair

The Octopus Affair

Pacific Octopus not a fan of being photographed apparently. The video taken at Bluefish Cove in Carmel, CA.

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Dogs as Conscious as Human Children

Dogs as Conscious as Human Children (1)

After training dogs to lie motionless in an MRI scanner and studying the results, Neuroeconomics Professor Gregory Burns concluded that dogs exhibit a level of awareness equal to human children.

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