Red Bull best photos of the year

Red Bull best photos of 2014

From motocross to airplanes, Red Bull organizes a dozen of events throughout the year, here are some of the best shots of 2014.


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Portal Trick Shot video

Portal Trick Shot

Watch this dazzling video with two guys in lab coats doing incredible trick shots using a basketball and a Portal gun!


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World’s first Wingsuit High Five

Wingsuit High Five

Sammy Rohan jumps with wingsuit from a cliff in Chamonix, France… He flies so close to the ground, that he high-five a big yellow hand.


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New World speed climbing record

climbing record

This amazing guy, Danyl Boldyrev from the Ukraine, sets the new world speed climbing record – 5.60 seconds!   Watch the video to see how fast they both climb the wall…


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Speedrider Skis an Avalanche off a cliff

Speedrider Skis an Avalanche

Speedrider David Bozon rides a river-like avalanche off a cliff, in Chamonix in Aiguille du Midi.   Watch the video…


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Most insane Ski line Ever

insane Ski line

Amazing skier Cody Townsend, unbelievably dropped straight down through the super narrow mountain crack!   Watch the video…


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Daredevils at a handmade net 400 ft up

handmade net 400 ft up

A handmade web net set by the Moab Monkeys, a Utah-based group of athletes, over a canyon near Moab, Utah, at the amazing height of 400 ft to admire the stunning view and BASE jump.


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Flying with Wingsuit extremely close to the ground

Flying with Wingsuit

Flying with wingsuit extremely close to the ground. Check out in the video Darren Burke, owner of Bonzai wingsuit.


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Wakeboarding behind a Ferrari F50

Wakeboarding with Ferrari F50

We have seen all kinds of extreme sports. But wakeboarding behind a Ferrari F50, is most fascinating.  Take a look at the video…


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The Wingsuit Flying Carpet

Wingsuit jump

Wingsuit flying BASE jumper acting as a flying carpet for a skydiving canopy flyer in Romsdalen valley, Norway. Watch the video…


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