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Merchant Square Footbridge

Merchant Square Footbridge in London

Merchant Square Footbridge in Paddington, London’s newest movable footbridge has opened to the public this month.

By |October 16, 2014|Categories: Architecture

Mountain Hut by Atelier 8000

Mountain Hut - Atelier 8000

A very peculiar mountain hut for Slovakia’s High Tatras, designed by Atelier 8000, for the Kezmarska Chata (Kezmarska Hut) international competition.

By |October 15, 2014|Categories: Architecture

Sleuk Rith Institute by Zaha Hadid

Sleuk Rith Institute

Designs for the Sleuk Rith Institute, a new institution and genocide memorial in Phnom Penh, have been unveiled by Zaha Hadid.

By |October 13, 2014|Categories: Architecture

Revolutionary 3D Printed Building Tech wins NASA Prize

3D Printed Building Tech

Revolutionary 3D Printed Building Tech by Contour Crafting, wins NASA Create the Future Design Contest 2014.

By |October 9, 2014|Categories: Architecture, Product Design

H2ome Undersea Residence


The H2ome represents the world’s first undersea residence, is a practical way to become a sea dweller.

By |October 6, 2014|Categories: Aquatic, Architecture

Antarctic Port for Research and Tourism

Antarctic Port (14)

A futuristic Antarctic Port for research and tourism, a multi-functional hub for transport and accommodation designed by architecture student at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna.

By |October 1, 2014|Categories: Architecture

Brilliant Tilting Lock system ends traffic congestion

Tilting Lock system

Tilting Lock system ends traffic congestion by bridge openings. Is not going up but the ship goes down!   Watch the video…

By |September 29, 2014|Categories: Architecture, Boats

The most pleasant hospital and Spa in the world

White Sails Hospital & Spa

The most pleasant hospital in the world, White Sails Hospital & Spa will be built in Tunisia Economic City (TEC).

By |September 25, 2014|Categories: Architecture

Hydroelectric Tidal House

Tidal House

This futuristic Hydroelectric Tidal House, inspired by the shape of a sea shell, designed by Margot Krasojević.

By |September 23, 2014|Categories: Architecture

UFO and CR-design awarded the highest prize in Skyscraper competition

Cloud citizen project

UFO and CR-design awarded highest prize in Shenzhen Super City Skyscraper competition for the ‘Cloud citizen.’

By |September 17, 2014|Categories: Architecture