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New Beijing world’s largest airport Terminal

Beijing new airport Terminal

The concept design for  the new Beijing world’s largest airport terminal building’ in Daxing, unveiled by Zaha Hadid and ADPI.

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Spend a night at 9,000ft in the air

A room suspended above the French Alps

You can stay in a room suspended above the French Alps, spend a night at 9,000ft in the air, above the snowy mountains! This is how…

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The evolution of technology in the real world

The evolution of technology illustrations

The evolution of technology in the real world illustrations by Evgeny Kazantsev, for the annual calendar of Gefest Insurance Company.

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The amazing retractable roof of Atlanta’s Bonkers new Stadium

Roof of Atlanta's Bonkers new Stadium

In the video the amazing retractable roof of Atlanta’s Bonkers new Stadium. Glide around the seating bowl and peek inside suites, club lounges, concourses and plaza spaces…

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Eco-Friendly Paris Smart City by Vincent Callebaut

Eco-Friendly Paris Smart City

The impressive Eco-Friendly Paris Smart City 2050 by Vincent Callebaut Architectures.

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Wuhan Movie Theme Park by Stufish

Wuhan Movie Theme Park

Wuhan Indoor Movie Theme Park by Stufish, a 80,000 m² building contains six multi-dimension movie theaters.

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Apple Campus 2- January update

Apple Campus 2-

Flying around the Apple Campus 2 site, on January 4, and filmed using a GoPro Hero 4 in 4k/30.   Watch the video…

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Aquarium Pour Time Lapse

Aquarium Pour in Miami

World’s most unusual concrete pours, the creation of a martini glass-shaped 500,000-gallon seawater aquarium tank, a non-stop 25-hour, 1,200-cubic-yard placement, in Miami, Skanska.   Watch the time lapse…

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Bee’ah’s new headquarters by Zaha Hadid

Bee’ah’s new headquarters

Bee’ah’s new headquarters by Zaha Hadid, in Sharjah, UAE, designed to operate entirely from renewable energy sources.

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London’s subterranean infrastructure network

Crossrail London's subterranean network

These are the new photographs of London’s giant Crossrail subterranean infrastructure network.

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