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Cliff House suspended above the ocean

Cliff House above the ocean

A conceptual cliff house suspended above the Australian ocean in the state of Victoria, by prefabricated architecture specialists Modscape.

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Tomb of Alexander the Great’s Mother May Have Been Found

Tomb of Alexander the Great

Greek archeologists unearthed two Caryatids, females sculptures, guarding a tomb from the time of Alexander the Great.   Image © Greek Ministry of Culture.

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Grace on Coronation by Zaha Hadid

Grace on Coronation

The Grace on Coronation, 4 kilometres west of Brisbane’s Central Business District, by Zaha Hadid, provides 486 apartments in three residential towers, eight villas and 7,300sqm of landscaped riverfront public parklands.

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New Mexico International Airport by Foster and Partners

New Mexico International Airport

A collaboration between Foster + Partners, FR-EE (Fernando Romero Enterprise) and NACO (Netherlands Airport Consultants) has won the international competition to design Mexico City’s new international airport.

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Apple Campus 2 construction by flying drone

Apple Campus

Apple ‘spaceship’ campus 2 construction caught on video by flying drone, showing the progress of the huge construction.   Watch the video…

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House of Vans skatepark in London

House of Vans

Beneath the city’s Waterloo station, the newly opened ‘House of Vans’, spread across five tunnels, offering the London‘s only indoor skatepark.

By |August 28, 2014|Categories: Architecture, Sports

Hong Kong skyscraper with rice terraces

Hong Kong skyscraper

Hong Kong skyscraper with rice terraces by Studio Cachoua Torres Camilletti, envisioning what a tower should be in the near future.

By |August 21, 2014|Categories: Architecture

This is what your 3D printed home on Mars could look like

The Queen B (Bioshielding) on Mars

A 3D printed honeycomb home could provide housing on Mars. The Queen B (Bioshielding) 2 Bedroom 2 Bath Mars Apartment.

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Bike – pedestrian illuminated ramp in Copenhagen

Cykelslangen bridge

‘Cykelslangen’ bike – pedestrian illuminated ramp, in that cuts across the city harbor of Copenhagen, designed by local architecture firm Dissing+Weitling.

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The Innovation, Science and Technology Building

Innovation Building at Florida Polytechnic University

The Innovation, Science and Technology Building at Florida Polytechnic University, designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava.

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