DeepFlight Dragon Submarine

DeepFlight Dragon (6)

DeepFlight is the first hover-capable personal Submarine, so easy to pilot, that creates a new area in the sea tourism market.

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Schiller X1 Water Bike

Schiller X1

Schiller X1 water bike human-powered watercraft, is the world’s most advanced and efficient production bike for water.

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Ghost fast stealthy attack boat

Ghost attack boat

The Ghost fast stealthy attack boat from Juliet Marine, could be used as a kind of “attack helicopter of the sea.”    Watch the video…

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World’s Biggest Cargo Ship can carry 17,600 containers

Mary Maersk supersized cargo ship

Mary Maersk, a supersized cargo ship left Algeciras, Spain, with 17,603 twenty-foot equivalent units (TEU), the highest number of containers ever loaded on a vessel.   Watch the video…

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Super Yacht Sub 3 submersible

Super Yacht Sub 3

The Super Yacht Sub 3 is the most compact 3-person submersible ever built, designed to fit on a yacht.

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Hello Victoria!


Hello Victoria!

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Costa Concordia wreck removal by aerial Drone view

Costa Concordia by drone

The removal of Costa Concordia‘s wreck, this time filmed by drone. The luxury cruise ship was wrecked off the coast of Isola del Giglio in Italy on 13 January 2012.    Watch the video…

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ARC Emergency Raft

ARC Raft

ARC Emergency Raft it’s a safe and dry shelter during marine disaster, providing comfortable environment for the passengers.

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Raceline 26 powerboat

Raceline 26

Raceline 26 foot powerboat concept, inspired by a car type configuration, with four independent seats in a race boat layout.

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Raising the Costa Concordia

Costa Concordia

After two and a half years salvage experts have finally succeeded to raise the Costa Concordia, that was foundered off the Tuscan island of Giglio.   Take a look at the graphics video and the time lapse…

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