Radinn Electric powered wakeboard

Radinn wakeboard

The electric powered wakeboard by Radinn, is small enough and lightweight to carry and fit in a car/boat.   Watch the video…

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AlumaSki heavy duty jet ski


The AlumaSki heavy-duty jet ski is the greatest sport and utility multipurpose hunting, fishing, working and rescue response.  Watch the video…

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Building world’s Biggest Cargo Ship

Triple-E class vessel (7)

The Triple-E class vessel, world’s biggest cargo ship, build by Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering, is 59 metres at its widest point.   Image © Alastair Phillip Wiper/ Wired

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Arya boat luxury yacht concept

Arya boat

Arya boat is a conceptual luxury yacht designed by Marco Schembri, with special attention to its aerodynamics.

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Alen Yacht 68 by Foster and Partners

Alen Yacht 68 (16)

Alen Yacht has joined forces with international architects Foster + Partners to create the Alen 68 luxury motorboat .

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Kormaran concept boat

The Kormaran is a new concept boat, that can be transformed from catamaran to hydrofoils design even when driving.

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Helicat 22 – a boat that looks like a helicopter

Helicat 22 catamaran

Helicat 22 is a lightweight, stable and agile catamaran, designed to look like a helicopter.   Watch the videos…

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First Russian Photos of its Submarines

Russian Photos of its Submarines


The Russian Defense Ministry released for the first time photos of a cargo ship carrying two of its Akula II-class nuclear-powered submarines.

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DeepFlight Dragon Submarine

DeepFlight Dragon (6)

DeepFlight is the first hover-capable personal Submarine, so easy to pilot, that creates a new area in the sea tourism market.

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Schiller X1 Water Bike

Schiller X1

Schiller X1 water bike human-powered watercraft, is the world’s most advanced and efficient production bike for water.

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