World’s Largest Container Ship

 Samsung Heavy Industries World's Largest Container Ship

World’s largest Container Ship will be over 1,300-feet long, about the equivalent of four football fields combined.

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SALT luxury yacht by Lujac Desautel

SALT luxury yacht

The ‘SALT’ by Lujac Desautel is a 55 meters luxury yacht, with the same height main mast.

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Admiral X Force 145 super-yacht

Admiral X Force 145 by Italian Sea Group

The Admiral X Force 145 meters (476-foot) luxury super-yacht, has a low profile, with fascinating curved lines and a huge open after deck.

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Triple Deuce one billion USD superyacht

Triple Deuce 222 meters superyacht

Triple Deuce superyacht , a 222 meters (728.4’) long, and the most expensive, at a cost of over one billion USD.

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Cigarette – AMG Racing GT S 50-foot Marauder

Cigarette - AMG Racing GT S 50-foot Marauder

Cigarette Racing and Mercedes-AMG present the Cigarette Racing 50 Marauder GT S concept, now on display in Miami.

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Helios solar powered Sailing Yacht concept

Solar powered Sailing Yacht

Helios Solar Powered Sailing Yacht concept, developed for Young Designer of the Year 2015 contest, a 55-metres luxury yacht able to explore the world.

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The IF60 Luxury Powerboat

Hermes & Zeus IF60 Luxury Powerboat

The IF60 Luxury Powerboat by Hermes & Zeus Design measures 60 feet (18.3m) long, is 13 feet (4m) wide and can reach max speed of 90 knots.

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Catamaran Speedboat inspired by the owner’s Lamborghini

Catamaran Lamborghini Speedboat

The owner of Lamborghini Aventador LP 720-4 in Miami, build a speedboat of it, a 2,700 HP $1.3 million Lamborghini Catamaran Speedboat capable of reaching 186MPH.   Take a look at the new video…

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Windseeker Hydroptere

Hydroptere hydrofoil (3)

Windseeker Hydroptere, overall length 74,7 ft, max speed 56 knots!   Watch the video…

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Marlin Electric Personal Hydrofoil concept

Electric Personal Hydrofoil

Marlin electric personal Hydrofoil concept designed by Niklas Wejedal, uses Bio-Mechanic propulsion system.

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