Nor-Tech 80 Roadster

Nor-Tech 80

Nor-Tech 80 Roadster open cockpit design, gives the look and feel of a true performance boat.    Watch the videos…

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H1 Unlimited Hydroplanes

H1 Hydroplane

The modern Unlimited Hydroplane is the worlds fastest race boat. After over a 100 years of evolution in race boat design, it’s capable of speeds over 200mph.   Watch the video…

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Water Bike

personal aqua vehicle

Water Bike is a personal aqua vehicle, a floating bicycle to enjoy your ride on water.   Watch the video…

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Comanche Sails… Fast!

Comanche sailboat (3)

Jim Clark’s 100 ft carbon Hodgdon built machine Comanche sails fast, on its way to Charleston, SC.   Watch the video…

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First IMAX Private Theatre on a Superyacht

IMAX Private Theatre

‘The Nemo Room’ is the first IMAX private theatre on a superyacht, that will not only be used to watch cinema blockbuster releases, but it will also project live underwater CCTV images from the ocean.

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White Night superyacht

White Night superyacht

White Night impressive minimalist superyacht designed by Lobanov design.

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Stunning Star-Shaped Superyacht

Star superyacht

A new stunning Star-Shaped superyacht called ‘the Star,’ designed by Ignor Labanov to be unlike any other yacht on earth.

By |November 6, 2014|Categories: Boats

U-Boat Worx HP Sport Sub 2

HP Sport Sub 2

The HP Sport Sub 2 by U-Boat Worx, is a personal two-seater compact high-performance submersible.

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Quadrofoil hydrofoiling electric watercraft

Quadrofoil watercraft

Quadrofoil is a hydrofoiling electric personal watercraft (PWC), providing the most economically efficient and environmentally friendly mode of recreational marine transportation.   Watch the video…

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Aston Martin 120 concept yacht

Aston Martin 120  1

The Aston Martin 120 concept yacht unveiled at the Monaco Yacht Show 2014, with a holographic presentation in the private gaming chambers of the Casino.

By |November 3, 2014|Categories: Boats
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