Windseeker Hydroptere

Hydroptere hydrofoil (3)

Windseeker Hydroptere, overall length 74,7 ft, max speed 56 knots!   Watch the video…

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Marlin Electric Personal Hydrofoil concept

Electric Personal Hydrofoil

Marlin electric personal Hydrofoil concept designed by Niklas Wejedal, uses Bio-Mechanic propulsion system.

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Super Falcon Mark II Personal Submarine

Personal submersible

The Deepflight Super Falcon Mark II one of the best personal submersible, is designed around the pilot, can dive down to depths of 120 meters.

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Transparent canoe-kayak

Transparent canoe-kayak

This transparent canoe-kayak, for two persons, has a polymer hull that offers paddlers a panoramic underwater view.

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Imara tanker based mega-yacht concept

Imara mega-yacht

Imāra tanker based 11-deck luxury mega-yacht by Motion Code: Blue concept, will be world’s largest yacht.

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World’s largest floating offshore facility

Prelude - Around the world

A giant natural gas refinery, world’s largest floating offshore facility, Prelude - Around the world, that Shell is building in Samsung’s Heavy Industries, in South Korea.  Watch the new video…

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Subsee trimaran long traveling yacht concept

Subsee trimaran

Subsee trimaran long traveling yacht concept, is made for exploration trips on dive places, can also used for charter operations for customers interested by special spots difficult to reach with no support vessel.

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Rolls-Royce ‘oX bridge’ Autonomous Vessels concept

Rolls-Royce 'oX bridge'

Rolls-Royce ‘oX bridge’ autonomous vessel concept, controlled by augmented reality, can automatically spot hazards in the water.   Watch the video…

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Ghostswimmer shark-like unmanned underwater vehicle

Ghostswimmer UUV

Shark-like ‘Ghostswimmer’ artificial fish unmanned underwater vehicle, is five foot long, weight 100-pound and is under tests now by the Navy.

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Racing Boat Backflip

H1 Unlimited Hydroplane

Racing Boat Backflip. When things go wrong in H1 Unlimited Hydroplane boat racing they get airborne.

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