Navy’s 450 feet long most shadowy spy Submarine

Seawolf Class submarine, USS Jimmy Carter SSN-23

The Navy’s 450 feet long heavily modified Seawolf Class submarine, the USS Jimmy Carter SSN-23, is quieter than any other nuclear submarine on Earth.

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Self-Propelled, Self-Inflating, Smart, Stand-Up Paddleboard

Smart, Stand-Up Paddleboard (5)

The self-propelled, self-inflating, smart, stand-up paddleboard, has an electric engine that pumps up the board and gives 3 hours of assistance.

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Time-lapse of a Nuclear Sub entering Dry Dock

Nuclear Sub entering Dry Dock

A time-lapse video of the Los Angeles-class fast attack nuclear submarine USS San Francisco (SSN-711) pulling into the floating dry dock Arco (ARDM-5) at Naval Base Point Loma.

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Turning Aircraft Carriers into Bridges

Aircraft Carriers

Would you drive across a bridge made of retired aircraft carriers?

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55m X-easy Yacht concept

55m X-easy Yacht

The 55m X-easy luxurious dayboat concept, features simple and elegant lines, ready to jump-and-go from the dock and to sail in five minutes.

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Yellow Submarine!

Yellow mini Submarine

Y.Co is a Yellow Submarine, built by the submersible experts at GSE Trieste, can go to depths up to 160 meters.

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Super Yacht passing above a major Highway

“Symphony” yacht (project 808) by Feadship passing above a major Highway

The incredible “Symphony” 101.5 meters super yacht, passing the Gouwe aqueduct in Gouda, The Netherlands during her transport from Kaag to Rotterdam.

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The Military’s Robotic Ghost Ship

Navy's Robotic Ghost Ship

The Military’s Robotic Ghost Ship, that will keep track of stealthy Russian, Iranian and Chinese submarines, passes critical test.

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Wind-powered Commuter Ferry works like a racing boat

Wind-powered Commuter Ferry (3)

A new wind-powered commuter ferry, an advanced vessel to automatically harness wind power and transform it into clean transportation.

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Solar powered Fresnel Hydrofoil Trimaran

Fresnel Hydrofoil Trimaran

The futuristic solar powered, Fresnel Hydrofoil Trimaran yacht by Margot Krasojević, commissioned by HoldenManz wine estate, Cape Town.

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