USS North Dakota, America’s new super Submarine

USS North Dakota

USS North Dakota, America’s new super submarine, after five years of construction, is ready to set sail and this Virginia-class sub is not like the others…

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Rescue Tip-Board inflatable life-raft

Rescue Tip-Board

The Rescue Tip-Board a fully inflatable life-raft makes it easier to rescue people from the water.

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Hydros retractable hydrofoil boat

Hydros HY-X

The Hydros HY-X  hydrofoil boat, hybrid and energy efficient, demonstrated on the French Riviera during Monaco Yacht Show 2014.   Watch the video…

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Earth’s largest ship

m.v. Pieter Schelte

The m.v. Pieter Schelte is earth’s largest ship, so big it can lift entire oil platforms and then transport it to another destination.   Watch the video…

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Top fuel hydro Lake Havasu

Top fuel hydro Lake Havasu

Top fuel hydro “Problem child” world record 262.238 mph, in Lake Havasu.   Watch the video…

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First yacht featuring a floating garage

floating garage

The first yacht featuring a floating garage, is the CRN luxury mega yacht ‘J’ade’ 60m vessel, debuted at the 2014 Monaco yacht show.

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Unmanned patrol boats demonstration

Unmanned patrol boats

Unmanned patrol boats that can leave warships, protecting swarm and attack potential threats on the water, demonstrated by the U.S. Navy.   Watch the video…

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Riva steel 50m superyacht

Riva 50m superyacht (8)

The new Riva ‘steel superyacht range,’ unveiled with the 50m vessel marking the beginning of the line, at the 2014 Monaco Yacht show.

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Hawkeye in the hangar bay of the aircraft carrier

Hawkeye in aircraft carrier

Sailors stand by to move an E-2C Hawkeye in the hangar bay, aboard the aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan.

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U-Boat Worx Super Yacht Sub 3

Super Yacht Sub 3

U-Boat Worx Super Yacht Sub 3, a submersible super toy, designed for the majority of super yachts.   Watch the videos…

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