Heads Up Display for Sailing

Heads Up Display for Sailing

The Afterguard system is the world’s most advanced sailing heads up display. Like a fighter pilot, the system makes all of your boat instrumentation available at a glance.    Watch the videos…

By |April 4, 2014|Boats, Computers|

Necker Nymph a three-person submersible

Necker Nymph submersible

The Necker Nymph is a three-person, open-cockpit submersible, kept at the private island resort Necker Island, in the Caribbean Sea, owned by the British billionaire Sir Richard Branson.

By |March 31, 2014|Boats|

BomBoard modular jet ski

BomBoard jet ski

BomBoard is a high performance, affordable watercraft, a compact jet ski designed with modularity, allowing easy transport and storage.    Watch the video…

By |March 28, 2014|Boats|

Kitetender monohull for kitesailing

monohull for kitesailing

Years of testing with normal open sailing dinghy’s and prototype resulted in KiteTender concept, a special designed monohull for kitesailing.   Take a look at the videos…

By |March 24, 2014|Boats|

Rolls Royce 450EX yacht concept

Rolls Royce 450EX yacht (7)

Rolls Royce 450EX yacht concept designed by Stefan Munro, a speedboat day cruiser, featuring luxurious interiors.

By |March 21, 2014|Boats|

Seabob Cayago Underwater Jet ski

Underwater Jet ski

The Seabob Cayago Underwater Jet ski uses an electric-powered rotor that sucks water and ejects it at the back. Steers by using your own weight and can reach a speed of to 9 mph.

By |March 20, 2014|Boats|

The Gates of the Panama Canal expansion

Gates of the Panama Canal

The Panama Canal expansion project (also called the Third Set of Locks Project) is intended to double the capacity of the Panama Canal by 2015 by creating a new lane of traffic hemmed in by these gargantuan flood gates and allowing more and larger ships to transit.    Image © Cimolai

By |March 20, 2014|Boats, Technology news|

Flying Phantom catamaran sailboat

Flying Phantom catamaran sailboat 1

The Flying Phantom sailboat levitates two feet above the ocean, is world’s first series foiler catamaran.   Take a look at the video…

By |March 11, 2014|Boats|

Sailing Mast Walk by Alex Thomson

Sailing Mast Walk by Alex Thomson  2

Alex Thomson, solo round the world yachtsman, performs a daring feat on board his high-speed sailing boat, HUGO BOSS: He climbs up the 30-meter high mast of the moving vessel and dives into the ocean.   Watch the video…

By |March 6, 2014|Boats, Sports|

Iron Man Exosuit underwater suit

 Iron Man Exosuit underwater suit 1

The Exosuit, a next-generation atmospheric diving system, that could revolutionize ocean research, allowing divers to explore marine environments at a depth of 1,000 feet.

By |March 4, 2014|Boats, Technology news|
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