Big Brother will indeed be Watching by 2025

world internet

George Orwell’s novel, 1984, was ahead of its time in many ways, including the year in which Big Brother (i.e. state surveillance and manipulation of citizens’ lives) becomes a reality.

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J.A.E.S.A next generation Artificial Intelligence

J.A.E.S.AA rtificial Intelligence

Meet J.A.E.S.A, the future of Artificial intelligence, a user-friendly unlike any you’ve seen before, with the ability to think, learn, adapt and converse freely.   Watch the videos…

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Skydiving elephants and more

Skydiving elephants

In this video elephants skydiving, turtles skateboarding a half pipe, giraffes walking a tightrope, and more… You can see how great computers are!    Take a look at the video…

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LG’s big flexible screen that can roll up

LG's big flexible screen

LG just developed its biggest flexible screen to date, a 18-inch OLED panel that can roll up like a piece of paper.

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World’s largest Cruise ship by Google Street View

Allure of the Seas -Google Street View

Now with Google Street View you can tour Allure of the Seas, the nearly 1,200-foot world’s largest cruise ship.

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Photoshopped Face of a woman in 25 Countries

Photoshopped Face of a woman

‘Before & After’ series, a woman’s face Photoshopped with the standard of what is considered to be beautiful in 25 countries, created by journalist Esther Honig.

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Google’s Cardboard inexpensive VR headset

Google's Cardboard 1

Google‘s Cardboard inexpensive VR headset, puts with a very easy way virtual reality on your smartphone.

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Three of our biggest fears in our generation!

Fears in our generation

These are the three of our biggest fears in our generation!

Thank you Yanna!

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Sharp develops Free-Form Display

Free-Form Display

Sharp unveiled a new prototype Free-Form Display, that could change the displays we use in our every day devices.

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Samsung Smart Bike

Samsung Bike

Samsung Smart Bike is the first bicycle that protects the rider, by safety components controlled via Samsung Smartphone.   Watch the video…

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