Supercomputer Simulation of Sun’s Magnetic Field Loops

Supercomputer Simulation of Sun's Magnetic Field

Researchers at NASA and its university partners are using supercomputer to simulate Sun‘s magnetic field loops, to learn how they emerge, heat the sun’s outer atmosphere and produce sunspots and flares.

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Chrysler ‘Beneath the Surface’ VR experience

Chrysler 'Beneath the Surface'

Chrysler ‘Beneath the Surface’ Virtual Reality – VR experience of manufacturing, to deliver a first-of-its-kind interactive, photo­real virtual reality experience.

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New gigantic Digital Billboard in Times Square

New Digital Billboard in Times Square

The new gigantic Digital Billboard in Times Square, is the most expensive ever set and almost as long as a football field.

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Elon Musk will build 700 satellites to provide worldwide internet

satellites to provide worldwide internet

Elon Musk is planning to build 700 cheap satellites to provide worldwide internet.   Image © NASA

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HP Sprout 3D-scanning PC

HP Sprout

HP launched a new type of computer called Sprout, that combines 3D-scanning PC and a projector into one machine.   Watch the video…

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UK is now world-leader in weather and climate prediction

Super cell

A new Met Office supercomputer makes UK world-leader in weather and climate prediction.

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Impressive Internet Facts – infographic

Facts about Internet - infographic

Impressive Internet facts that will surprise you, like that there are 2.4 billion actual users but 1.7 billion of the them come from Asia, or that every 60 seconds 72 hours of YouTube video is being uploaded.   Take a look at the infographic

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PhotoMath App calculates Equations


PhotoMath app scans and calculates equations in real time, with your smartphone’s camera.  Watch the video…

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The Ubi – Voice operated computer

The Ubi

The Ubi is a WiFi connected, voice operated computer allowing you to stay in touch with family, friends. Just plug it in and you can talk through it to the ones you love.   Watch the video…

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Samsung’s new Wi-Fi tech is five times faster

Samsung's new Wi-Fi

A new Wi-Fi tech unveiled by Samsung is five times faster than today’s wireless networks and will be available in 2015.

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