The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Animation Shot Build

Spider-Man 2 Animation Shot Build

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Spider-Man Animation Shot Build. Narrated by David Schaub, Animation Supervisor.  Watch the video…

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Oculus Rollercoaster

Oculus Rollercoaster

In the video you can see the world first prototype combining Oculus Rift and real life roller coasters.

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Internet Users will become 3 Billion by end of the year

Internet Users

According to the ITU report, Internet users are expected to hit 3 billion by the end of 2014, or about 40 per cent of the world’s population.

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The State of E-Waste- infographic

The State of E-Waste

Only 25% of used electronics (e-scrap), one of the fastest growing sources of waste globally, are actually recycled, leaving 3.5 million tons available for recycling.    Take a look at the infographic

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You can now buy Google Glass

Google Glass

You can now buy Google Glass if you are willing to pay $1500. The augmented reality specs are now available to everyone at the official Google site.    Image © Google

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The expansion of the Internet over the years

The expansion of the Internet

In the infographic timelapse you can find out what was the expansion of the internet, which countries were the first online and more…

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Real Time Cyberattacks interactive map

Cyberattacks interactive map

An impressive Interactive map showing In real time the Cyberattacks in our planet, created by Kaspersky Lab.   Take a look at the interactive map…

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Microsoft Windows in the Car

Microsoft Windows in the Car

Like Apple, now Microsoft introduced Windows in the car, with Cortana digital personal assistant as copilot.  Watch the video… Windows in the car and Cortana. Image © Microsoft

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Honda’s traffic signal information system

traffic signal information system

Honda just announced to begin public road testing of its driving support system in Utsunomiya City, using traffic signal information.

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Heads Up Display for Sailing

Heads Up Display for Sailing

The Afterguard system is the world’s most advanced sailing heads up display. Like a fighter pilot, the system makes all of your boat instrumentation available at a glance.    Watch the videos…

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