Google Invests in 180 Satellites to spread Internet access

Google Invests Satellites

Google spending $1 Billion on satellites, to cover with internet access remote areas of the planet.    Image © NASA/GSFC/Landsat, Flickr

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HomeKit by Apple


Apple announced HomeKit at the WWDC 2014, featuring a centralized home automation controller, integrated into one or multiple devices.

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Follow the World Cup in style

World Cup in style

A minimalist easy to use website, allows you to follow all the matches taking place during the FIFA world cup 2014, in style.

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How much Energy does Google use? infographic

Energy used by Google

Do you ever consider when you search the internet, send an email, watch a video on YouTube, how much energy it costs for Google to execute these actions? The answer might just surprise you.  Take a look at the infographic to find out…

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No evidence that the internet harms teenage brains

internet do not harms teenage brains

Regarding the fears raised that heavy use of the internet can re-wire teenage brains, according to University College London expert ‘No evidence‘ was found that the internet harms young minds.

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Stunning Apple iWatch concept

Apple iWatch concept

Stunning Apple iWatch concept, a ‘fashionable’ device running iOS with biometrics and other features providing integration with other similar devices.   Watch the video…

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Thermal Touch turns any surface into a Touchscreen

any surface into a Touchscreen

Thermal Touch is a vision for wearable computing user interfaces. By fusing information from an infrared and standard camera, can transform nearly any surface into a touchscreen.    Watch the video…

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Dubai Police will use Google Glass

Dubai Police Lamborghini

Dubai Police have announced that will use Google Glass. They intend to use the new gadget to find vehicles and to issue fines to automobiles.

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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Animation Shot Build

Spider-Man 2 Animation Shot Build

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Spider-Man Animation Shot Build. Narrated by David Schaub, Animation Supervisor.  Watch the video…

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Oculus Rollercoaster

Oculus Rollercoaster

In the video you can see the world first prototype combining Oculus Rift and real life roller coasters.

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