Using light instead of wires for super-fast computers

tiny slice of silicon

Stanford engineers they designed a device that can bend light at right angles, to transmit data faster and more efficiently in computers, via optical rather than electrical signals.


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Stephen Hawking uses new Intel system to communicate

Stephen Hawking and Intel

Intel has worked for the last two years to upgrade Stephen Hawking’s computer system, an assistive technology project that will have far-reaching benefits for the disabled.


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Apple patents active fall protection system

Apple patents fall protection system

Apple awarded a patent for active fall protection system, that can recognize when a iPhone is dropped, ensuring that your handset will not break.


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A new method to feel holograms

method to feel holograms

Scientists at University of Bristol create system that allows you to feel holograms using ultrasound.


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Interactive Live medical Holography

Interactive Live medical Holography

Introducing interactive live medical holography, the world’s first 3D holographic display and interface system, initially for medical imaging applications.


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Supercomputer Simulation of Sun’s Magnetic Field Loops

Supercomputer Simulation of Sun's Magnetic Field

Researchers at NASA and its university partners are using supercomputer to simulate Sun‘s magnetic field loops, to learn how they emerge, heat the sun’s outer atmosphere and produce sunspots and flares.


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Chrysler ‘Beneath the Surface’ VR experience

Chrysler 'Beneath the Surface'

Chrysler ‘Beneath the Surface’ Virtual Reality – VR experience of manufacturing, to deliver a first-of-its-kind interactive, photo­real virtual reality experience.


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New gigantic Digital Billboard in Times Square

New Digital Billboard in Times Square

The new gigantic Digital Billboard in Times Square, is the most expensive ever set and almost as long as a football field.


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Elon Musk will build 700 satellites to provide worldwide internet

satellites to provide worldwide internet

Elon Musk is planning to build 700 cheap satellites to provide worldwide internet.   Image © NASA


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HP Sprout 3D-scanning PC

HP Sprout

HP launched a new type of computer called Sprout, that combines 3D-scanning PC and a projector into one machine.   Watch the video…


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