Google Android Wear

Android Wear

Google has just announced the smartwatch Android Wear, a project that extends the android operating system to wearables. Useful information when you need it most – at a glance or in a word.

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Sony’s project Morpheus

Sony's project Morpheus

Sony‘s project Morpheus (for “the Greek god of dreams”) a virtual reality headset for PlayStation 4, looks fantastic.

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Virtusize App shows how clothes will fit you

Virtusize App

Will this app mark the end of online shopping returns? A new free Swedish shopping app called Virtusize lets you see how clothes will fit you based on garments you already own.

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How the Navy of the future could work

How the Navy of the future could work

Augmented reality and a mix of real life, come together to form a project known as BlueShark, at the University of Southern California’s Institute for Creative Technologies.

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Colorado River on Google Maps

Colorado River on Google Maps

Now you can follow the winding path of the Colorado River on Google Maps. Google just unveiled an amazing new “river view” of the Colorado River, covering 286 miles through the Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona.

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Happy Birthday Internet- www turns 25

Happy Birthday Internet- www turns 25

Back in 1993, when CERN, the official inventor of the World Wide Web, announced that the internet be made available for use by anyone royalty-free.   Visualization of the internet.

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Real-time 3D Brain visualization

Real-time 3D Brain visualization 2

An anatomically-realistic 3D brain visualization depicting real-time source-localized activity (power and “effective” connectivity) from EEG (electroencephalographic) signals.   Watch the video…

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Up Coffee

Up Coffee 4

Up Coffee by Jawbone tracks your caffeine levels throughout the day, by learning how your body metabolizes the drug. Is the simplest way to understand how caffeine affects your sleep.

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Global Submarine Cable Map

Global Submarine Cable Map 3

The latest edition of TeleGeography’s Submarine Cable map, updated for 2014, depicts 285 cable systems that are currently active or due to enter service by 2015.

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Wello iPhone case it’s a simple health tracker

Wello iPhone case simple health tracker 1

Wello iPhone slim ultralight case it’s a simple health tracker, can track your blood pressure, heart rate temperature and more.   Take a look at the video…

By |March 9, 2014|Categories: Computers, Product Design
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