World-Record Truck Jump and Lotus F1

World-Record Truck Jump and Lotus F1

Epic world-record truck jump by EMC and Lotus F1 Team. A giant semi-truck over a speeding Formula 1 car, and setting a world record in the process!  Watch the video…

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How autonomous driving will revolutionize the interior

Mercedes Benz futuristic interior

Mercedes Benz analyses how autonomous driving will revolutionize the interior of the car of the near future.

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Chevrolet Chaparral 2X Vision Gran Turismo

Chevrolet Chaparral 2X Vision

Chevrolet unveils futuristic Chaparral 2X Vision Gran Turismo concept car, at the 2014 LA Auto Show.    Watch the video…

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Bentley unveils the Grand Convertible

Bentley Grand Convertible (7)

Luxury car maker Bentley unveils the Grand Convertible, ahead of LA Auto Show.

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Passengers in Maglev train at 500km/h

Passengers in Maglev train

Passengers in Maglev train at 500km/h, experienced this amazing speed, during test runs in central Japan.   Watch the video…

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Michelin X Tweel Airless Tires go into production

Michelin X Tweel

Michelin X Tweel Airless Tires go into production. They provide all the same desirable qualities found in pneumatic tires, but without the risk of air loss.   Watch the videos…

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E.T foldable Scooter

E.T Scooter

E.T foldable scooter, portable and electric long rage scooter, can be fold in five seconds.

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Infiniti Synaptiq concept for LA Design Challenge

Infiniti Synaptiq concept

Infiniti unveiled these entries for the theme of this year’s LA Design Challenge, “Sensing the future” asking “How will cars interact with us in 2029?”

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Eurostar train designed by Pininfarina

Eurostar e320 train (3)

Eurostar unveils high-speed passenger train designed by Pininfarina, to celebrate 20th anniversary.

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Bienville Legacy 300hp motorbike

Bienville Legacy

Bienville Legacy with 300hp is a shocking, over-powered with an amazing suspension system, motorbike.   Watch the video…

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