The Jet engine into the Bloodhound

Jet engine of Bloodhound

Bloodhound Build Team, for the last couple of weeks, have trial installed the EJ200 jet engine into the upper chassis of the supersonic car.

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LM2 Streamliner hypercar

LM2 Streamliner hypercar

The LM2 Streamliner hypercar producing 1,700 horsepower, will debut at 2015 New York auto show.

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Trefecta DRT smart electric bike

Trefecta DRT electric bike

Trefecta DRT smart foldable electric bike, with high-tech military-spec and aluminum frame, is both motorcycle and a bicycle.

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Fab Fours Legend

Fab Fours Legend

This little monster it’s called ‘the Legend,’ and it was made by aftermarket bumper manufacturer Fab Fours, based on the Jeep Wrangler.   Watch the video…

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C#3 Electric Motorcycle by Stefan Toth

C#3 Electric Motorcycle

C#3 electric motorcycle concept by Stefan Toth, combines conventional design with the advantages of electric drive.

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Three-wheeled electric Transforming Scooter

Electric Transforming Scooter

This three-wheeled electric personal mobility transforming scooter, that changes into 4 different forms, is the ideal solution for those who doesn’t feel like to walk around.

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JIVR Smart Folding electric bike

Smart Folding electric bike

JIVR chainless, smart, folding, beacon-enabled e-bike, a regular pedal bicycle if your battery runs out of juice.

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The Rivet One Motorcycle

The Rivet One Motorcycle

William Shatner and American Wrench created the Rivet One Motorcycle, a unique, hand-built bike, that Captain Kirk  Shatner will be driving his across the country later this year.

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BMW M motorcycle concept

BMW M motorcycle concept

The stunning futuristic BMW M motorcycle concept by Jans Slapins, inspired by the design of military jets and stealth fighters.

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Mercedes One Class Revenge motorcycle

Mercedes One Class Revenge motorcycle

The Mercedes One Class Revenge motorcycle concept by Alfonso Nuñez Perea, it is “powerful, dynamic and sculptural.”

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