World’s fastest Electric motorcycle

Killajoule Electric motorcycle

The ‘Killajoule‘ became world’s fastest electric sidecar motorcycle, built and driven by Eva Håkansson, by reaching a top speed of 389.219 km/h.   Watch the video…

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nCycle e-bike is here


nCycle e-bike featuring integrated locking, folding and pocket systems, has move to a prototype phase and the company is accepting pre-orders.

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MASS electric bicycle by Philippe Starck

MASS by Philippe Starck

Manufacturer Moustache Bikes and designer Philippe Starck present M.A.S.S., –Mud, Asphalt, Sand, Snow– electric bicycle collection.

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Lamborghini Huracan races Sukhoi Su-27 jet fighter

Lamborghini and Sukhoi Su-27

Lamborghini Huracan races a Sukhoi Su-27 Flanker jet fighter, in Russia.   Watch the video…

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Atrovos Shaman 8×8 ATV

Atrovos Shaman

The Atrovos Shaman is an 8×8 ATV that has custom-made low pressure tires and can be move diagonally.   Watch the video…

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BMW unveiled first solar charging point

BMW Point.One S

BMW unveiled the beautiful Point.One S, first solar charging point for i3 and i8 electric vehicles.

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Audi virtual cockpit

Audi virtual cockpit

The Audi virtual cockpit, has everything in view, directly in front of the driver. A fully digital instrument cluster, completely driver-focussed.

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The One Wheeled Urban Glider

The Urban Glider

The Urban Glider is a one wheeled center of gravity electric vehicle. It is controlled by the movements of you body.   Take a look at the videos…

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Ace Bike grows along with your Kids


Adjustable Ace Bike

Ace Bike‘s clever design has adjustable ride height and grows along with your kids.

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McLaren P1 GTR

McLaren P1 GTR

McLaren have finally unveiled the P1 GTR. It will be the most track-tailored and most powerful model produced by McLaren Special Operations to date.

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