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A cyclist riding along one of the mountain at the Lake […]]]> http://wordlesstech.com/a-python-suicides-by-eating-a-porcupine/feed/ 0 The thin Flipcover Keyboardhttp://wordlesstech.com/the-thin-flipcover-keyboard/ http://wordlesstech.com/the-thin-flipcover-keyboard/#comments Tue, 30 Jun 2015 10:47:32 +0000 http://wordlesstech.com/?p=114355 The Flipcover Keyboard The very thin Flipcover works both as a keyboard and a protective cover for the screen and the smartphone. The one2TOUCH Flipcover Keyboard doesn’t need a […]]]> http://wordlesstech.com/the-thin-flipcover-keyboard/feed/ 0 The very small Hyperloop that workshttp://wordlesstech.com/the-very-small-hyperloop-that-works/ http://wordlesstech.com/the-very-small-hyperloop-that-works/#comments Tue, 30 Jun 2015 10:00:28 +0000 http://wordlesstech.com/?p=114352 Small Hyperloop that works A very small Hyperloop that works, designed from students, for the SpaceX‘s recently announced open competition, to design and build a Hyperloop pod. Above: MechSE’s […]]]> http://wordlesstech.com/the-very-small-hyperloop-that-works/feed/ 0 Audi inspired Hands-free washing Faucethttp://wordlesstech.com/audi-inspired-hands-free-washing-faucet/ http://wordlesstech.com/audi-inspired-hands-free-washing-faucet/#comments Tue, 30 Jun 2015 09:07:53 +0000 http://wordlesstech.com/?p=114344 Audi inspired Hands-free washing Faucet The unique Audi inspired ‘Hudōr Faucet’ by Fraser Leid, allows a hands-free washing experience. The eye-catching Hudōr Faucet by Fraser Leid, a contact-less system to […]]]> http://wordlesstech.com/audi-inspired-hands-free-washing-faucet/feed/ 0 Semiotic Alpine Escape futuristic Hotel concepthttp://wordlesstech.com/semiotic-alpine-escape-futuristic-hotel-concept/ http://wordlesstech.com/semiotic-alpine-escape-futuristic-hotel-concept/#comments Tue, 30 Jun 2015 07:52:14 +0000 http://wordlesstech.com/?p=114333 Semiotic Alpine Escape futuristic Hotel (7) ‘Semiotic Alpine Escape’ is a conceptual futuristic Hotel in Alps, designed by Italian architect Armin Senoner. ‘Semiotic Alpine Escape’ by Armin Senoner, will accommodate various needs […]]]> http://wordlesstech.com/semiotic-alpine-escape-futuristic-hotel-concept/feed/ 0 Electric Autonomous human transport concepthttp://wordlesstech.com/electric-autonomous-human-transport-concept/ http://wordlesstech.com/electric-autonomous-human-transport-concept/#comments Mon, 29 Jun 2015 16:11:10 +0000 http://wordlesstech.com/?p=114329 Electric Autonomous human transport concept A different design in personal electric helicopter, a multicopter that has sixteen rotors in total.  Watch at the video his first takeoff… This electric autonomous […]]]> http://wordlesstech.com/electric-autonomous-human-transport-concept/feed/ 0 Testing the Buoyant Rover for Under-Ice Explorationhttp://wordlesstech.com/testing-the-buoyant-rover-for-under-ice-exploration/ http://wordlesstech.com/testing-the-buoyant-rover-for-under-ice-exploration/#comments Mon, 29 Jun 2015 12:27:41 +0000 http://wordlesstech.com/?p=114315 Buoyant Rover for Under-Ice Exploration Developed at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the Buoyant Rover for Under-Ice Exploration, is under tests at the California Science Center. Images credit NASA/JPL-Caltech At the […]]]> http://wordlesstech.com/testing-the-buoyant-rover-for-under-ice-exploration/feed/ 0 Gramovox Floating Recordhttp://wordlesstech.com/gramovox-floating-record/ http://wordlesstech.com/gramovox-floating-record/#comments Mon, 29 Jun 2015 10:02:47 +0000 http://wordlesstech.com/?p=114302 Gramovox Floating Record Gramovox Floating Record is a high-performance vertical record player, with full-range stereo speakers. The ‘Floating record’ by Gramovox, is a high performance turntable that plays […]]]> http://wordlesstech.com/gramovox-floating-record/feed/ 0 Are we really 99% Chimp?http://wordlesstech.com/are-we-really-99-chimp/ http://wordlesstech.com/are-we-really-99-chimp/#comments Mon, 29 Jun 2015 09:30:00 +0000 http://wordlesstech.com/?p=114297 Are we really 99 Chimp Are we really 99% chimp? MinuteEarth explains with its very nice way the question.   Watch the video… [Youtube]]]> http://wordlesstech.com/are-we-really-99-chimp/feed/ 0