We’ ve been overlooked by advanced ET civilizations- Stephen Hawking

Life in the Universe

In his famous lecture, “Life in the Universe”, Stephen Hawking asks: “What are the chances that we will encounter some alien form of life, as we explore the galaxy?” If the argument about the time scale for the appearance of life on Earth is correct, Hawking says “there ought to be many other stars, whose planets have life on them.

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The UFO Handbook

UFO Handbook

A condensed redesign of Alan Hendry’s UFO Handbook.

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We could be Aliens


Life on Earth may have its origins in outer space. NASA’s Scientists have analysed meteorites that formed billions of years ago before falling to Earth. The carbon-rich fragments were found to contain chemicals similar to one of the key components of DNA, the building blocks of life.

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Earth’s Technology may be too Primitive to detect Alien Life

Earth's TechnologySome of the world’s leading astronomers — including Great Britain’s astronomer royal, Sir Martin Rees — believe aliens, rather than using different radio waves or visible light to signal, may be using an entirely different communication medium such as ghostly neutrinos or with gravitational waves (ripples in the fabric of space-time) or using communication mechanisms we cannot begin to fathom.

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Monsters of the deep

arctic monsters

A cousin to coral: The tentacled feeding structures of a Hydrozoan, which is related to corals and sea anemones

Marine biologist Alexander Semenov spent two years in the hostile environment at the ultra-remote White Sea Biological Station to create his bizarre collection of images.

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