Tutulemma- Solar Eclipse Analemma

Tutulemma- Solar Eclipse Analemma

The figure-8 path the Sun follows over the course of a year pictured at exactly the same time every day, is called an analemma. A series of images taken with great planning and effort, needed to achieve an analemma.   Image © Tunç Tezel (TWAN)

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Apollo’s Analemma

Apollo's Analemma

An equinox (equal night), this astronomical event marks the first day of autumn in the northern hemisphere and spring in the south. To celebrate, consider this remarkable record of the Sun‘s yearly journey through planet Earth’s sky, an intersecting curve known as an analemma, made with planned yearly multiple exposures captured on a single piece of 35 millimeter film, from the Temple of Apollo in ancient Corinth.       Anthony Ayiomamitis (TWAN)

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Austrian Analemma

Austrian Analemma

The multiple suns trace an intersecting curve known as an analemma. Consider this careful record of the Sun’s yearly journey through southern Austrian skies.   Image credit: Robert Pölzl

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Sunrise Analemma

Sunrise Analemma

An analemma is that figure-8 curve that you get when you mark the position of the Sun at the same time each day throughout the year. In this case, 17 individual images taken at 0231 UT on dates between April 2 and September 16 follow half the analemma curve, looking east toward the rising sun and the Caspian sea from the boardwalk in the port of Baku, Azerbaijan.   Image credit: Tunç Tezel (TWAN)

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A Year at Delphi

Analemma DelphiThe sun seems to rise from behind the hills near the Tholos, a circular building in the sanctuary of Athena Pronaia in ancient Delphi, in an analemma photo composite made in Greece in 2001. Photographer Anthony Ayiomamitis

Analemma over Acropole


The shape traced out by the Sun over the course of a year is called Analemma.   Image credit Anthony Ayiomamitis

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