Zakynthos Rope Jumping

Zakynthos Rope Jumping

With the stunning background of Navajo (shipwreck) Beach, Zakynthos island in Greece, the breathtaking rope and BASE jumps from a 200 meters height.   Watch the amazing video…


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The Wingsuit Flying Carpet

Wingsuit jump

Wingsuit flying BASE jumper acting as a flying carpet for a skydiving canopy flyer in Romsdalen valley, Norway. Watch the video…


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The Sun rises after 3 months of darkness

The Sun rises after 3 months of darkness 1

The Sun rises in Antarctica after 3 months of darkness. A view of the remote Antarctic base Concordia as the Sun returns after over 3 months of darkness. The base is 3200 m above sea level and temperatures drop to –80°C. Image © ESA–V.Kaimakamis


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First historic fly of X-47B combat aircraft without a pilot


It seems like science fiction, a combat aircraft without a pilot that is capable of flying itself, making its own decisions, neutralizing threats, and taking off and landing on an aircraft carrier.