A Crow saved by a Bear

Crow - Bear

A crow that is drowning in the small lagoon, was unexpectedly saved by a bear!   Take a look at the amazing video…


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Bear Mum saves cub from motorway

Bear Mum saves cub

Bear mum saves cute cub from motorway in Canada. The video was filmed by a Toronto hunter.    Take a look at the video…


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Rock Climbing Bears

Rock Climbing Bears

Endangered Mexican Black Bears (momma and cub) climb Santa Elena Canyon wall.   Take a look at the amazing video…


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Furless anatomy of bears by Deborah Simon

Furless anatomy of bears by Deborah Simon  1

Deborah Simon, created the furless anatomy of bears using polymer clay, faux fur, linen, embroidery floss, acrylic paint, glass, wire and foam. Her sculptures deal with vulnerability.


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A young bear feels cold

A young bear feels cold in Yellowstone National Park

Steve Hinch photographed this young bear hitches a ride on his mum’s back in order to prevent his feet getting cold as his mum hunts for food in the snow. He captured this image from a safe distance in the Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. Steve Hinch on facebook

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Two newborn polar bear cubs

polar bearTwo newborn polar bear cubs hide underneath their mother Freedom while being out of their enclosure for the first time at the Ouwehands Zoo in Rhenen, Netherlands.

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Polar Bear Playing

Polar Bear These two polar bears are playing close to our Tundra Buggy in Canada’s Wapusk National Park.
Photograph Mauro Mozzarelli

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Bear Glacier, Alaska

Bear Glacier

This image taken in 2005 of Bear Glacier highlights the beautiful color of many glacial lakes.

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