Mini augmented reality glasses

Mini augmented reality glasses (8)

New augmented reality glasses from Mini, could completely change the way we drive.


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Smart Glasses allowing the blind to see

Smart Glasses

Smart Glasses that allow the blind to see, could help 150,000 in the UK alone, by transforming the way blind and partially sighted people go about their everyday lives.


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Nendo flexible reading glasses

Nendo glasses

Nendo reading and computer glasses made from flexible polycarbonate, that snap temple to nosepiece.


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How to see without Glasses

see without Glasses

If you need your glasses to see, in the video you can find a simple trick to improve your vision.    Take a look at the video…


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Project Glass by Google (updated)

Project Glass by Google

Those new augmented reality glasses that Google has started to test, are considered to be quite a device. Even though they might look strange in sight, they should be judged on whether they are functional rather than on their appearance.


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Eye Card- for our precious eyes

Eye card

The eyeCard it is a perfect tool to read clearly without giving any stress and difficulty to your eyes. Is designed in such a manner that a person wearing them can effortlessly focus on tiny word.