A Year in the Life of Earth’s CO2

A Year in the Life of Earth's CO2

A year in the life of Earth’s CO2 in this high-resolution NASA computer model, a stunning new look at how carbon dioxide in the atmosphere travels around the globe.   Watch the video…

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Eartha world’s Largest Rotating Globe

Eartha world's Largest Rotating Globe

Eartha is a 3-dimensional scale model of our Earth, made by map maker DeLorme, Eartha, with mountains and landforms in full 3D, that rotates and revolves, simulating the earth’s real movements.  Have a look at the video…

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Bamboo globe

Bamboo globe

Designed by Danish designer Kristoffer Zeuthen, this globe is made entirely out of bamboo. The 25cm diameter globe is illuminated so that it can also be an elegant desk lamp.

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The Geoid map

Geoid mapThis multi-coloured image is actually the Earth – and shows how gravity varies on different parts of the globe.

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Map of Global light pollution

Global light pollutionYou can help build the best global map of light pollution, the uniquely modern problem that has stolen starlight from most of the urbanized world.

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Treepods- the trees of tomorrow


Designers Mario Caceres and Cristian Canonico of Influx Studio, with Treepods they decided to add vegetation to urban settings. The designs imitate the look of a Dragon tree, inspired by nature.

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Electric aircrafts for our green future


The aviation industry, according to the United Nations, accounts for nearly half of the pollution attributable to transportation.

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