Harley Davidson

The Precision-R project motorbike

The Precision-R project motorbike

The stylish Precision-R project motorbike, the latest from Thunderbike, has custom Frame-Kit and original Thunderbike Monoblock wheels.

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Electric Harley-Davidson

Electric Harley-Davidson

The Electric Harley-Davidson would cost $50,000 if made today, twice what people would pay and with only around 50 miles of range, half of what consumers want.

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Harley Davidson unveils first Electric Motorcycle

Harley Davidson Project Livewire

Harley Davidson just unveils the first electric motorcycle, called Project Livewire and released some photos and a video…

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Harley Sportster Stealth Bullet

Harley Sportster Stealth Bullet 1

The blacked out impressive Harley Davidson Sportster Stealth Bullet by Rough Crafts, one of the most popular custom motorcycle shops.

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Barro Harley Chopper

Barro Chopper

The custom bike builder Barro with their latest edition based on the mechanics of Harley-Davidson, they sure fit a good part of the best motorcycle builders and enthusiasts.

Akrapovic Morsus custom Motorcycle

Akrapovic Morsus

Slovenian Akrapovič is known for making some of the finest sport bike exhausts on the market, and now is getting into the custom chopper scene.

DashLink iPhone Dock For Harley Davidson

The DashLink iPhone and iPod Dock are specifically designed for Harley Davidson’s FLHT model motorcycles.

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Erbacher The One Motorcycle

The suspension specialist H&R Spring, along with Fat Attack Custom Bikes from Arlesheim in Switzerland, have created ‘The One’ this stunning motorbike.

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Travertson V-REX Monster bike

Travertson V-REX Monster bike

Travertson V-REX designed by Christian Travert, in Fort Lauderdale in Florida, a futuristic design and swing-arm front suspension. V-REX features a Harley-Davidson V-Rod motor and use H-D electrics.

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