NASA’s design a real Warp Drive Ship

Warp Drive Ship

NASA unveils designs for a Star Trek-style Warp Drive Ship, called IXS Enterprise (of course), similar to the Star Trek spaceship, that could send us one day to the stars.


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NASA’s new exercise Astronaut shoes

Astronaut shoes

Maintaining astronaut bone and muscle health in microgravity is an ongoing concern for NASA. The new (not very nice) ForceShoe are designed to collect data when they exercise.   Image credit NASA    Take a look at the video…


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NASA’s Kids Art Contest

NASA’s Kids Art Contest

NASA asked kids to draw what the future looks like to them. These are the beautiful results of the contest


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Ancient rock art could have been created by extraterrestrials

Square Kilometre Array (SKA)

NASA book “Archaeology, Anthropology, and Interstellar Communication,” suggests that ancient rock art could have been created by extraterrestrials.    Square Kilometre Array (SKA) starts work in 2022


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NASA’s next generation Tron spacesuit

NASA Z-2 spacesuit

NASA Z-2 next generation spacesuit prototype announced, with its glass 360-degree view and integrated Heads Up Display.


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Build your own space station with this NASA kit

Space station NASA kit

NASA has teamed up with LittleBits to create the Space Kit, a build-it-yourself bundle, specially made for kids how want to become astronauts.


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Imagine what could be done with a Penny4NASA


NASA‘s annual budget is a half a penny on your tax dollar. Imagine what we could do with a full penny. Penny4NASA strives to increase NASA’s funding to 1% by encouraging popular support for NASA through education and outreach.   Watch the video…


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NASA wants you to vote for the next spacesuit

The "Technology" spacesuit

NASA reveals three bizarre spacesuits and wants you to vote which one will go for production. The three suits are called Biomimicry, Technology and Trends In Society.   The “Technology” spacesuit


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NASA Predicts the End is Near

the End is Near

One small step for man, one giant stumble for industrialized society?  A new study sponsored by NASA‘s Goddard Space Flight Center claims that the world’s industrial societies are set to collapse in the coming decades under the weight of their own unsustainable appetites for resources and growing economic inequality.


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X-36 Tailless Fighter Agility research aircraft

X-36 Tailless Fighter Agility research aircraft 2

The NASA/Boeing X-36 Tailless Fighter Agility Research Aircraft successfully completed a 31-flight research program at NASA Dryden Flight Research Center, Edwards, CA.


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