landscapephotograph V. Pinke

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Earth from below


The project “Earth from Below” is an exploration of the territories and landscapes invisible on planet, like the deepest cave in the world.

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Beautiful darkness


Moonlit valleys in Compton Valence, Dorset. When most people stay indoors weather nut Kris spends hours out and about waiting for the rain to clear or a break in the clouds to get the perfect shot.  Photo Kris Dutson

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Eagles in flight


I was watching a few eagles fishing in the Boise River when I captured these two fighting. Or maybe they were playing “King of the Tree Stump.” The eagle on the stump has that look in his eye that says, “Don’t you even try it.” The eagle that is in midair did proceed to knock off the one on the stump.  Photograph Glen Hush

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Lagoon, Iceland


I travelled around Iceland for two weeks with my girlfriend this past August. Jokulsarlon was my most highly anticipated place to photograph. Photograph Mark Reimer

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Attack bomber assembly, California

Attack bomber Nose assemblies for Douglas A-20 attack, light bomber and night fighter aircraft of World War II.  Photograph by Douglas Aircraft Company

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Home counties

Kris DutsonA storm brews over a field of barley in Wiltshire close to Sixpenny Handley in a dramatic image caught by photographer Kris Dutson who has spent a decade capturing images.

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Pagoda Forest, China

Pagoda Forest

“Gained merit in battle” reads the epitaph of two of the 231 eminent Shaolin monks honored with shrines in the Pagoda Forest.

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Smoke ring emitted by the sun

sunThis incredible image is actually of the sun with a massive detached prominence hovering just above its surface. It shows the aftermath of a large solar flare – or prominence – emitted by an erupting sunspot earlier this month.

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Diving Tiger, California


I took this photo at Six Flags Marine World in Vallejo, California, in 2004. The trainers were throwing meat into a small pool to demonstrate the tigers’ diving ability, and this beautiful creature looked right into my camera. The scowl on his face is not from disgust or anger; rather, it results from how these big cats scrunch up their nose to keep water out.  Photograph by Briana Taylor

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