Earth’s extraordinary Turbulent Magnetic Field

Earth's Magnetic Field

ESA’s three-satellite Swarm constellation reveals the first set of high-resolution results, from the most recent changes in the magnetic field that protects our planet.   Watch the video…

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Mammatus Clouds over Regina, Canada

Mammatus Clouds over Regina, Canada

These Mammatus clouds were photographed over Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada during the past summer. Mammatus (“mammary cloud” or “breast cloud”), is a meteorological term applied to a cellular pattern of pouches hanging underneath the base of a cloud.    Image credit: wikimedia

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Mammatus clouds over Olympic Valley

Mammatus Clouds

Normal cloud bottoms are flat because moist warm air that rises and cools will condense into water droplets at a very specific temperature, which usually corresponds to a very specific height.  image source Own workOlympic Valley, CA

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Starry Night Over the Rhone (van Gogh)

Starry Night Over the RhonePictured above is van Gogh’s Starry Night Over the Rhone, where the French town of Arles is depicted complete with gas lights reflecting off the Rhone river.

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