X-Rays from the Whirlpool

Whirlpool in X-ray

Hundreds of glittering x-ray stars are present in the above NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory image of the spiral Galaxy and its neighbor.

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The view in a Black Hole

Black Hole

A black hole, a beast that has never been seen directly, In the center of a swirling whirlpool of hot gas.   Illustration Credit: April Hobart, CXC

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Recreating a Slice of the Universe

Recreating a Slice of the Universe

This computer animation (after the jump), created using new software called Arepo, simulates 9 billion years of our universe history. The new software can accurately follow the birth and evolution of thousands of galaxies over billions of years.  Credit: CfA/UCSD/HITS/M. Vogelsberger (CfA) & V. Springel

Japan’s 8.9 earthquake… (videos)

Japan's earthquake

Japan's earthquake

Japan's earthquake

Elakala Falls, West Virginia

Elakala Falls

The photo above shows beautiful Elakala Falls at Blackwater State Park near Davis, West VirginiaPhotographer: Troy Lilly

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Two faces of Whirlpool Galaxy

Whirlpool GalaxyThese images by NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope show off two dramatically different face-on views of the spiral galaxy M51, dubbed the Whirlpool Galaxy.