X-Rays from the Whirlpool

Whirlpool in X-ray

Hundreds of glittering x-ray stars are present in the above NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory image of the spiral Galaxy and its neighbor.

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The view in a Black Hole

Black Hole

A black hole, a beast that has never been seen directly, In the center of a swirling whirlpool of hot gas.   Illustration Credit: April Hobart, CXC

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Recreating a Slice of the Universe

Recreating a Slice of the Universe

This computer animation (after the jump), created using new software called Arepo, simulates 9 billion years of our universe history. The new software can accurately follow the birth and evolution of thousands of galaxies over billions of years.  Credit: CfA/UCSD/HITS/M. Vogelsberger (CfA) & V. Springel

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Japan’s 8.9 earthquake… (videos)

Japan's earthquake

Japan's earthquake

Japan's earthquake

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Elakala Falls, West Virginia

Elakala Falls

The photo above shows beautiful Elakala Falls at Blackwater State Park near Davis, West VirginiaPhotographer: Troy Lilly

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Two faces of Whirlpool Galaxy

Whirlpool GalaxyThese images by NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope show off two dramatically different face-on views of the spiral galaxy M51, dubbed the Whirlpool Galaxy.

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