X-47B drone share the deck with F A-18 aircraft

X-47B drone with F A-18 aircraft

X-47B drone and F/A-18 Hornet conduct historic combined manned, unmanned carrier operations aboard the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71).    Watch the video…


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Micro-Photos of Butterfly wings

Morpho didius upper wing surface scales

These incredible micro-photos of butterfly wings, are a small sample of the impressive work of photographer and biochemist Linden Gledhill.    Morpho didius upper wing surface scales.    Image © Linden Gledhill.    All images used with permission.


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The Flying Hovercraft (video)

The Flying Hovercraft

The Flying Hovercraft is a hovercraft with integrated wings that allow it to fly. Composed by fiberglass/PVC hull, turbocharged 130hp engine, wood/carbon composite thrust propeller, and 1,100 rpm lift fan.


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He Flies Like a Bird (update2)

Jarno Smeets Flies Like a Bird

Flying like a bird! Dutch mechanical engineer Jarno Smeets take off and fly with his own invention like a real bird, just by flapping his wings! We did it! This weekend I flew a 100 meters with my selfbuilt wings.

Update 1: Flying like a bird! But the video is it real? There is an update in gizmodo.

Update 2: Flying Bird Man Is Fake! The man who claimed to achieve bird-like flight with a custom-built contraption came clean today: It was a hoax 8 months in the making.

Watch the video below, and read more gizmodo and popsci


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Subwing the new underwater sport

Subwing the new underwater sport

Subwing by Simon Sivertsen is a new water sport product designed to enable you to explore the depths. Made from fiberglass lets you “fly” beneath the waves as you’re towed along by a boat on the surface.


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Eagle cloud formation

cloud formation

This cloud formation, looking like a huge eagle soaring through the sky, appeared above Cumbria. Two massive wings on either side of a central body and head give the impression the bird is swooping down over the coast of Maryport.   Photograph by Ally McGurk

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Wing Secrets


Insects, the only invertebrates that have learned how to fly, use their wings as key assets in their global colonization. Their wings can be protective shells, musical instruments (grasshoppers), camouflage, signals to recognize each other, a means of attracting mates or warning predators, even tools to fly.


VTOL’s Hexplane with six Engines

VTOL s Hexplane with six Engines (2)

Six engines on a plane are better than two. This new Oliver VTOL “Hexplane” concept packs six engines and three wings, which apparently make the craft so reliable that you could lose any one engine or even an entire wing section without compromising the craft’s ability to fly to your destination.


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