Eco cars

With fossil fuel reserves depleting fast, the world today needs 15 next-gen vehicles that are fueled by alternative sources of energy. The trend is catching up fast with mostly all car manufacturers unveiling electric cars for a greener future.

Volkswagen solar-powered supercar (above): This concept zero-emission car has an electric engine fueled by hydrogen fuel cells. The upper external surface has integrated photovoltaic cells which produce solar energy. Being a luxury supercar it is designed to be manufactured in a limited number.

In addition to automakers, there is no dearth of auto designers who are coming up with stunning concepts that to make use of electricity for a cleaner ride. Check out some of the most fascinating concept electric cars, which could well be on the roads in the near future:

Rinspeed’s spectacular zero emission amphibious concept car

This electric aqua car moves no less than a fish in water up to the depth of 33 feet at an amazing speed of 120 km/h.

Kia Pop Zero Emission Concept Car

POP, a next generation compact electric car from Kia was showcased at the Paris Motor Show 2010.

Opel Flow concept car

Miika Heikkinen designed this car for representing Opel in 2049.

Touch Down Concept

This zero emission car which runs on batteries charged by solar power plants is a brainchild of Guo Ke.

Solar Coco Concept EV

Jin Yuanbiao, Gang Tang as well as Su Sha have designed this futuristic car.

Mio FCC III concept cars

This car from Fiat focuses on revealing the sustainable face of technology.

Renault Twizy Z.E.

Frankfurt Motor Show came out with this electric concept car in the year 2009.

Bug electric car

This zero emission car which will use polymers in combination of vegetable fibers.

Nissan New Mobility Concept

The two-seater concept car offers compact mobility for various needs and occasions.

Sampdesign Neo Zero-Emission concept

The three wheeler electric vehicle with exteriors surrounded by LED lighting.

AXA Zero Emission Concept

Auto designer Marian came up with this car and designed it to run on electricity.

Zero Emission Cars to Run on Electromagnetic Wheels

This environmentally friendly zero emission vehicle gets its energy from lithium-ion batteries.

Be On

This zero emission car can be easily folded to avoid parking woes.

Honda Air Light weight Concept Car propelled by compressed air

The Air Concept Car from Honda weighs less than 1000lbs and can carry four people.