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Ice rainbow – sun’s light through Cirrus clouds

Known to weather officials call a ’22 degrees halo’ because of its circular formation at 22°, Reyaz is one of the few to have captured one of these rare sights on camera.  Image credit Reyaz Limalia

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Emily remote control robotic lifeguard

Emily – whose name is an acronym for Emergency Integrated Lifesaving Lanyard – is a four-foot-long robotic buoy capable of racing through rough surf at 24 miles per hour.

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First all robot-surgery

In a step forward for robots, a team of surgeons at McGill University have used the da Vinci robo-surgeon and a robot anesthesiologist dubbed McSleepy to remove a patient’s prostate in what is dubbed as the world’s first all-robotic surgery.

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Samsung shows the Future of AMOLED Displays

AMOLED Displays

Samsung shows the Future of AMOLED flexible Displays.

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These Gears Really Work?

These Gears Really Work?

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TDK-iPhone Docks

A new range of 5 new iPhone speakers from TDK. The Xa Lunchbox

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Ant 50 million year old found in India

A collection of amber deposits unearthed in northwest India has opened a spectacular window into insect life some 50 million years ago.

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Blue Saturn with one of his moons, Mimas

Serene blue hues highlight this view of Saturn’s northern hemisphere from the Cassini spacecraft.

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“V” for Vietnamese bank

Vietinbank business centre by Foster + Partners’, is bringing together the bank’s headquarters, conference, hotel and leisure facilities, located between central Hanoi and the airport.

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