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Tyche: enormous rogue Planet


Evidence gathered by NASA’S Wide-Field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) telescope, suggests that a gas giant may be lurking in the Oort Cloud, the most remote part of the outer solar system which is believed to consist of icy comets. This would make it 375 times farther from the Sun than Pluto.

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Sihwa Tidal Power Plant in Ansan near completion

Tidal Power Plant

Sihwa Tidal Power Plant in Ansan, west of Seoul, which is expected to be completed in July.

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Polar bear twins Aleut and Gregor (video)

Polar bear twinsMother Polar Bear Vera with twins Aleut and Gregor at the animal park in Nuremberg, Germany.

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Fire near Viege

Fire A forest fire near Viege on late April 26. Ten helicopters and 350 firemen are battling a forest fire near the town of Viege in the south of drought-stricken Switzerland. The fire has consumed about 100 hectares (250 acres) of forest.

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Blue Angel close to water’s surface at 500mph

Blue AngelFlying so close to the water at such a high speed (at least 500mph) causes a vortex as the water is literally sucked up from the surface.

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Alfa Romeo TZ3 Stradale

Alfa Romeo ZagatoZagato released the details of their new Alfa Romeo TZ3 Stradale, which is part of the company’s celebrations for the 100th anniversary of the Italian manufacturer.

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Soumaya art museum

Soumaya art museumMuseo Soumaya in Polanco, Mexico City, designed by FREE Fernando Romero EnterprisE, opened to the public on March 29, 2011 after four years of development.  images: Adam Wiseman

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Monastery, Greece

MonasteryThe Xenofontos monastery on Mount Athos, the Holy Mountain. Wooden mallets (in foreground) are

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Lamborghini Aventador video

Lamborghini Aventador

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Green flash from the Moon

MoonESO Photo Ambassador Gerhard Hüdepohl has captured a rare sight: a green flash from the Moon, instead of the Sun. The photographs are very probably the best ever taken of the Moon’s green flash.

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