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Black Hole breakout

Black Hole

Black holes are objects in space that are so massive and compact they were described by Einstein as “bending” space. Conventional thinking asserts that black holes swallow everything that gets too close and that nothing can escape, but the study by Professor Samuel Braunstein and Dr Manas Patra suggests that information could escape from black holes after all.

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Pregnant Sea Monster 78 million years old

Pregnant Sea Monster

A pregnant sea monster that died about 78 million years ago may have solved a mystery that scientists have pondered for almost 200 years. The fossilised remains of a plesiosaur were unearthed in Kentucky carrying a large foetus.

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Nuon Solar Team 2011

Nuon Solar

The 2011 Nuon Solar Team unveiled the Nuna6 at the Amsterdam Westergasfactory. This brand new solar vehicle will be used by the team to compete against 30 teams from across the globe at the World Solar Challenge in Australia.

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Conch Seashell superyacht

Seashell yacht

The Conch 90m superyacht takes inspiration from the swirling twists and fluid shapes of a variety of these ocean objects. British Designer Alex McDiarmid is the magical mind behind this seashell-inspired yacht concept.

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