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All Four VLT Unit Telescopes Working as One

VLT Unit Telescopes

Having all four of the Unit Telescopes (UTs) working as one telescope observing the same object was a major step in the development of the VLT. While mostly used for individual observations, the UTs were always designed to be able to operate together as part of the VLT Interferometer (VLTI).

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Millions of starlings


With autumn in progress and winter drawing near, millions of starlings are taking to the skies in a daily aerial dance where massive swarms of birds coalesce together and fly as if forming a single cohesive creature.

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Dealing with Aggressive Dogs


When an angry dog is hot on your heels, your first thought is likely to get away as quickly as possible. However, over at Adventure Journal, Brendan Leonard explains that if you know you’re not getting away, the best way to get a dog to back down is to first stop running, and then, if the dog is still aggressive, flip out on it and bark it down.

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Miniature Surveillance Insects

surveillance drones

Unmanned aircraft such as surveillance drones are really nothing compared to the stuff the Air Force is working on. Miniaturization marches onwards and gives rise to the sort of little devices you see in the picture.

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Birth of an Iceberg (video)


Flying over Antarctica’s Pine Island Glacier in a DC-8 research plane, scientists participating in NASA’s IceBridge mission made a startling discovery on October 14: a massive crack running about 29 kilometers (18 miles) across the glacier’s floating tongue. The rift is 80 meters (260 feet) wide on average and 50 to 60 meters (165 to 195 feet) deep, and it marks the moment of creation for a new iceberg that will span about 880 square kilometers (340 square miles) once it breaks loose from the glacier.

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Look for city lights to locate Alien Civilisations

Alien Civilisations

In the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, astronomers have hunted for radio signals and ultra-short laser pulses. In a new paper, Avi Loeb (Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics) and Edwin Turner (Princeton University) suggest a new technique for finding aliens: look for their city lights.

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Adobe Museum of Digital Media

Adobe Museum

The Adobe Museum of Digital Media (AMDM) is a unique virtual space designed to showcase and preserve groundbreaking digital work and to present expert commentary on how digital media influences culture and society.

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Meeting at Kobe Biennale

Meeting- Yo Shimada of Tato

‘Meeting’ was conceived by Japanese architect Yo Shimada of Tato architects and designed by Ichiro Hashimoto of S3 associates for the Kobe Biennale.

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