30 years Microsoft Windows

Bill Gates introduced Windows on November 10, 1983. As history shows the Microsoft Windows operating system went on to dominate the world’s personal computer market claiming over 90% market share.   Watch the video…

For Microsoft, 1983 means the end of an era with the resignation of Paul Allen, the introduction of MS – DOS 2.0 and the formation of Microsoft Press, a trade-book publishing division specializing in computer books.

February 18, 1983
Paul Allen resigns as Microsoft’s executive vice president, but remains on the Board of Directors.

March 9, 1983
Microsoft introduces MS-DOS 2.0.

May 2, 1983
Microsoft introduces the Microsoft Mouse, a low-cost, handheld pointing device for use with the IBM PC as well as any other MS-DOS-based personal computer.

August 1, 1983
The assets of Wiser Laboratories Pty, Ltd. of Australia, the local distributor of Microsoft products, are acquired. With the establishment of this subsidiary, Microsoft obtains a direct distribution network into the region. All of Wiser’s employees will be retained, and the firm will stay at its existing address. This is considered the company’s first acquisition.

September 29, 1983
Microsoft ships it’s full-featured word processing program, Word for MS-DOS 1.00 and provides a free demonstration copy to subscribers of The PC World Software Review.

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