3D Printed custom Insoles of your Foot

SOLS Dynamic orthotics, a new method that will 3D scan your foot and make your perfect custom 3D printed insoles.

SOLS Dynamic orthotics made possible by an advanced framework of image processing, real-time visualization, and 3d printing.

3D Printed custom Insoles of your Foot 3

SOLS store and return up to 75% percent of energy output in each footstep. This is 25% more than an average athletic shoe, Feel Better. Do more.

Our 100% digital process captures and stores a detailed foot scan before visualizing the product, and prescription, in real time.

A 10 second video of a non-weight bearing foot provides a complete set of data points used to generate a highly-accurate foot model.

By combining unique morphology, with weight & activity level, we’re able to output a corrective orthotic complete with responsive, energy-enhancing treatment zones.

Finally, we 3D print a fully-customized orthotic out of sleek, durable nylon & deliver within two weeks.

3D Printed custom Insoles of your Foot 2

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