The Queen B (Bioshielding) on Mars

A 3D printed honeycomb home could provide housing on Mars. The Queen B (Bioshielding) 2 Bedroom 2 Bath Mars Apartment.

This Mars 3D printed home designed by Noah Hornberger, is the winning proposal of NASA and MakerBot’s Thingiverse Mars Base challenge to design and 3D print human habitat for the Red Planet.

The Queen B (Bioshielding) on Mars (6)


The Queen B has a fully functioning kitchen, 2 bathrooms, 2 bedrooms, garden, 3d-print lab, lounge, laundry and decompression / mud room.

Features heat retaining design with rugged roofing to deflect debris, and depleted Uranium panels to bring radiation to safe levels.

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The designer explains:

My solution is to use the tessellating hexagon due to its compactness and modular potential. I have extrapolated on the idea of a fully functional apartment on mars with all the modern amenities fit inside 16 foot diameter hexagons. I think that to present mars life to people and actually make it appealing to the public it needs to feel like home and reflect the lifestyle trends of earth living.
A building with outstretched arms, wings, nodes, or branches is not practical for long-term efficiency and stability. It would be nearly impossible to keep warm due to heat dissipation through the venerable areas. Another aspect of the surface area problem is the cost and feasibility of creating cosmic shielding for strange shapes, convex nooks and curvatures. Everything needs to be shielded from the elements, and a structure made of flat panels is going to be the easiest to build, replicate, and maintain.

I designed something that I would feel happy living in for a few years (at least).
I have learned a lot and would like to thank the people at NASA and Makerbot for making this challenge possible.

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