3D-Printed Ultrasound Cast (3)

The Osteoid 3D-printed ultrasound custom cast designed by Deniz Karasahin, with an ultrasound device to speed up bone healing.

The stunning 3D-Printed Osteoid by Deniz Karasahin is the winner of the 2014 Golden A’ Design Award.

The system promises to reduce the healing process up to 38% and is taking care of the smell and itch issues of the old-fashioned casts.

3D-Printed Ultrasound Cast

Conventional medical casts sacrifice ventilation for structural integrity. As a result they are itchy, they smell very bad and due to plaster’s material properties they are bulky, heavy and they limit patient’s exposure to water. Osteoid medical cast offers a new way of tackling these problems by introducing new technologies which enables us to make custom fitted, durable 3d printed medical casts that doesn’t itch or smell. Plus due to material properties the end products are slimmer, lighter, doesn’t affect from water and environmentally friendly. Time; Osteoid medical cast can also be combined with its complimentary, low intensity pulsed ultrasound (LIPUS) bone stimulator system. For single 20 minute daily sessions this system promises to reduce the healing process up to 38% and increase the heal rate up to 80% in non-union fractures.

3D-Printed Ultrasound Cast (2)

3D-Printed Ultrasound Cast (1)


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source A’ Design Award