4D Printing

A new 4D Printing technique from scientists at MIT, could print responsive objects, from sneakers to water pipes, that adapt to their surroundings on their own.   Watch the video…

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3D printing has grown in sophistication during the decade. TED Fellow Skylar Tibbits has a new development, the 4D printing, where the fourth dimension is time.

4D Printing 2

This innovative technology will allow us to print objects that then reshape themselves or self-assemble over time. “Think: a printed cube that folds before your eyes, or a printed pipe able to sense the need to expand or contract.”

Skylar Tibbits ishoping “4D printing will be the thing of the not-so-far future.”

“Normally, we print things and we think they’re done. That the final output and then we assemble them. But we want them to be able to transform and change shape over time. And we want them to assemble themselves.”

4D Printing 1

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