Wing House

Located in Malibu, California, this modern residence designed by Studio David Hertz Architects, was built from a Boeing 747 out of service. The roof of the residence has been designed from the wings of the aircraft.

The wings from the deconstructed Boeing 747 were transported to the site in June 2008 and are now in place as the home’s primary roof structures.

Wing House

Wing House (7)

This project exists on a 55-acre property in the remote hills of Malibu with unique topography and panoramic views looking out to a nearby mountain range, a valley, and the Pacific Ocean with islands in the distance.

The site was previously owned and developed by the eccentric designer Tony Duquette who developed over 21 unique structures incorporating found objects from all over the world. In 1995, the Malibu fire destroyed all but a few steel “Pagoda”-like structures. When I first visited the site I was struck by the fantastic views but also the creativity by which Duquette appropriated found objects and made them look as if they were originally crafted like traditional indigenous structures.

In searching for inspiration, I imagined a roof structure that would allow for a un-obstructed view of the mountain range and distant views.

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