Wave Glider little Robot

A Wave Glider little Robot survives the battle with Hurricane Sandy, streaming back realtime valuable data on the storm.   A Wave Glider robot in the Pacific earlier this year. Image credit: Liquid Robotics

The Wave Glider robot by Liquid Robotics named Mercury, has been deployed by NOAA in the Atlantic earlier this week, directly through Hurricane Sandy, about 100 miles east of Tom’s River, N.J.

Mercury met Hurricane Sandy, the robot survives the battle with storm and transmitted weather data in real time.

It recorded winds at up to 70 knots, or 130 km/hour.


Liquid Robotics explains what the PacX- Wave Gliders are:

“PacX is an unprecedented voyage; a ground-breaking, unmanned crossing of the Pacific Ocean. Four Wave Gliders are travelling from California to Australia and Japan. The purpose: to foster new scientific discoveries in ocean science. During their year-long voyage, the gliders will transmit valuable ocean data on salinity, water temperature, waves, weather, fluorescence, and dissolved oxygen. Liquid Robotics has made this investment to not only demonstrate the endurance of Wave Gliders, but more importantly, to ignite everyone’s imagination on what can be discovered and explored when the ocean is networked with sensors. We encourage everyone who has a passion for the ocean to participate in the journey through our collaboration with Google Earth.”

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source Liquid Robotics