Boeing New Bomber

The U.S. Air Force is working on a new Long Range Strike-Bomber program and just released a request for proposals (RFP).

Above: The Boeing and Lockheed Martin’s 2009 bid for the Next Generation Bomber (NGB). Credit Boeing

Since this is a classified program since 2011, the Air Force will not provide any other information, or when the proposals are due.

Air Force secretary Deborah Lee James said in a statement:

“The LRS-B is a top modernization priority for the Air Force. It will be an adaptable and highly capable system based upon mature technology.”
“We look forward to industry’s best efforts in supporting this critical national security capability.”

The Air Force estimates to be procured 80 to 100 of the new stealth bombers. The cost will be around $550 million each.

Lockheed new Bomber

Lockheed Long Range Strategic Bomber Concept Art. Credit Lockheed Martin

via Popsci