A whale Mimicking Human Speech

For the first time a young Beluga whale mimicking human speech. The white whale named NOC spent four years trying to speak English according to researchers in California.   Image credit: Beluga at l’Oceanografic, Valencia, Spain 2008 @ Nicolai Culik

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A new paper published by the National Marine Mammal Foundation in the scientific journal Current Biology, details that by acoustic analysis, scientists have been able to show, that white whale can imitate the voices of humans.

Dr. Sam Ridgway, President of the National Marine Mammal Foundation, said:

The whale’s vocalizations often sounded as if two people were conversing in the distance. These ‘conversations’ were heard several times before the whale was eventually identified as the source. In fact, we discovered it when a diver mistook the whale for a human voice giving him underwater directions.

A whale Mimicking Human Speech

source eurekalert