Adastra Trimaran superyacht

Adastra 42.5m trimaran superyacht by John Shuttleworth yacht designs, characterized for its hydrodynamics, can be controlled from a distance with an iPad.   Have a look at the video…

Image © Orion Shuttleworth

Adastra is the 140foot (42.5m) Trimaran was built at McConaghy Boats Zhuhai Facility, China for a Hong Kong client for long range ocean voyaging.

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“Adastra takes the power trimaran concept further than has ever been attempted before, previous vessels like “Earthrace” and “Cable and Wireless” were stripped out record breaking machines. The challenge of turning this concept into a viable luxury yacht has led us to further research and to develop new thinking on stability and comfort at sea for this type of craft. Extensive tank testing and radio controlled model tests in waves have been carried out to analyze stability and performance. Outrigger height has been optimized for ease of motion at sea, and a new outrigger shape has been developed to increase stability in waves. We have undertaken a state of the art structural analysis of all the major components in the yacht in order to achieve the light weight required for very low fuel consumption.”

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source John Shuttleworth yacht designs