Adhoc Canoe

Folding canoe Adhoc by Israeli designer Ori Levin from studio Tsor Design, it is a boat that will fold up into a backpack. Weighs just 4.1 kilos (nine pounds) and shrinks down to fit into a bag that measures 13 x 23 x 70 centimeters (5 x 9 x28 inches).

Adhoc Canoe (2)

The frame is fashioned from carbon fiber and the hull made from aramid, a polyamide used in bike tires and body armor, among other things.

The boat fits together like a tent crossed with a windsurfing sail. The main, double wishbone-like structure is formed by telescopic poles, and the seat hangs from a cross brace. It looks pretty comfy in there.

Adhoc Canoe (3)

Adhoc Canoe (4)