Aesir Embla
It launches and lands like a helicopter, without all the noise and wind of whirling rotor blades.

Instead the Embla sucks in air through its top and forces it out side vents to gain altitude and hover, causing no more ruckus than a seagull taking flight. Outfitted with an HD video camera, this 18-pound remote-controlled craft is ideal for surveillance missions.

Aesir Embla3Aesir Embla4

It’s easy to launch in tight spaces, such as off the back of a truck, and it can fly where fixed-wing drones can’t, swooping between buildings in search of enemy hideouts or hovering above a disaster area as it scans the wreckage for victims. Its internal combustion engine lets it fly up to 80 mph and as high as 10,000 feet.Aesir Embla2

via popsci