Airbus E-Fan electric plane

Airbus demonstrated the E-Fan electric plane at Farnborough International Airshow, and hopes to begin selling it in late 2017 for pilot training.   Watch the video…

Image © Airbus

The electric Airbus E-Fan electric plane prototype at Farnborough International Airshow.

The small E-Fan experimental aircraft can fly up to 220kmph, is powered by 120 lithium-ion polymer batteries, has dual electric motors with a total power of 60kW and it can fly for more than one hour.

The E-Thrust concept study based on a distributed propulsion system architecture, which would be the basis of a fully hybrid and electric commercial aircraft.

Airbus E-Fan

Emmanuel Joubert, head of the propulsion system team at Airbus Group Innovations, said:

”There are several electric planes flying today, but they are almost all based on already existing platforms or on the re-engineering of existing aircraft. For E-Fan, we started from scratch to build a completely new electric aircraft. It is fully dedicated to electrical propulsion, in terms of aerodynamics, integration and safety.”




source Airbusgroup