windowless cockpit

Airbus has received a U.S. Patent for a windowless jet cockpit, that revolutionizes the way planes are flown. The pilots will still be at the plane, but instead of the traditional windows, they will look at giant displays. OK, but why?

The patent application’s description explains:

“For aerodynamic reasons, the nose should ideally be lancet-shaped. It would be better, if the cockpit were moved into some other area of the aircraft and the pilot equipped with entirely electronic means of observing and controlling the aircraft’s flight.”

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Cockpit could be placed anywhere in the craft, even in the base of the tail.

The pilot would be surrounded by screen showing all the information.

Holographic projections will show clouds and other weather information.

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Airbus explains:

‘The presence of the cockpit requires a large glazed surface to be provided in order to give operational physical visibility and to meet the rules and requirements for certification, such a glazed surface being very heavy which requires numerous structural reinforcements to be put in place which increase the mass of the aircraft still further.’

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via flightclub

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