Boeing 737 Southwest Airlines Maryland One

AirCraft the Jet as Art by American photographer, architect and graphic designer Jeffrey Milstein, capturing the airplanes when they are preparing for landing.    Southwest Airlines Maryland One.

Images © Jeffrey Milstein

China airlines Boeing 747-400China airlines Boeing 747-400

His work at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum show moves to Reagan National Airport in May 2013.

“His trained eye and steady hand produce images of pristine clarity. Using photographic post-processing techniques, he distills the subject from the background to focus attention on design, color, and symmetry.  Milstein’s supersized prints seem to pull you into the air, as though you’re going along for the ride.
This collection of 33 photographic archival-pigment prints presents the power and elegance of aircraft in flight and transforms aviation technology into fine art.This exhibition was made possible by a grant from the Smithsonian Women’s Committee.”

Goodyear GZ-20A blimpGoodyear GZ-20A blimp

Lockheed Martin F-22A RaptorLockheed Martin F-22A Raptor

DHL Cargo Douglas DC-8 DHL Cargo Douglas DC-8

Alaska airlines 'Disneyland' Boeing 737-400Alaska airlines ‘Disneyland’ Boeing 737-400

Bell 47G helicopterBell 47G helicopter

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