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AirMule Unmanned Flying Ambulance, can save wounded soldiers from certain death, recently demonstrated its ability to fly autonomously.  Take a look at the video…

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The AirMule, an unmanned VTOL (Vertical Takeoff and Landing) aircraft developed by Tactical Robotics Ltd., a subsidiary of Urban Aeronautics, Ltd., has successfully completed a major milestone in preparation for full mission demonstrations scheduled for next year.

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The aircraft has completed several fully automatic test flights in which it carried out take-offs, flights to and from a specified location and landing back at its point of origination.

Tactical Robotics Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Urban Aeronautics Ltd., is the world leader in the design of unmanned Vertical Takeoff and Landing (VTOL) utility aircraft.

TRL has an exclusive license from Urban Aeronautics for the use of its patented technology related to unmanned air vehicles that rely solely on internal rotors with no exposed rotor blades (“Fancraft”), predominantly for use in the military and homeland security markets!

TRL has taken the lead in the development of the “AirMule“—an advanced, VTOL, Unmanned Air Vehicle. Flying autonomously or controlled remotely without onboard crew, the AirMule can carry a useful load of 500 kilograms and fly under the radar to land within a minimal space of 40m2 without a runway. Using a certified helicopter turbine engine, the AirMule is designed to meet stringent FAA manned helicopter safety standards.

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source Tactical Robotics Ltd.