Disaster Relief DirigibleDisaster Relief Dirigible

The Airship Archangel looks like something out of the World of Tomorrow! This disaster relief/emergency response airship is designed to enhance the capabilities of service organizations in providing medical services & transportation of personnel, supplies, & equipment.

Archangel, designed by Thomas Grimm, (principle inventor) with design support by Reindy Allendra and technical, engineering support of Dr. Gregory Smedley, will support Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief challenges throughout the world.

Disaster Relief Dirigible

A lightweight frame & hybrid integration of propulsion, energy generation & storage, & tethered wind-power generation make it a super-efficient & relatively quick method of delivering emergency care to otherwise inaccessible areas.

Unified power electronics enable hybrid integration of propulsion; energy generation, storage and tethered wind-power generation for both on-grid and off-grid electrical power delivery for airborne operations and ground operations. On board antennae and communications systems can provide support for emergency disaster management, military operations, environmental monitoring or other missions.

Disaster Relief Dirigible

Disaster Relief Dirigible