HandHeld Gimbal for GoPro

This small 3 Axis Gimbal by Feiyu-Tech, can give you the most amazing smooth shots you’ve ever taken.

You can run up steps, run on the beach, shoot on a boat with large waves….it doesn’t matter. This gimbal can take it all.

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The handheld Gimbal by Feiyu-Tech works fine with the Hero4. There is also a software to adjust the settings of the gimbal. It can adjust tilt (up/down) or roll. It can also adjust the panning reaction speed.

Gimbal for GoPro (3)
It isn’t light (15 oz without camera). It is designed to professional specs out of machined aluminum. But it is durable, made to be used alot. Battery life is great. Uses 3 CR123 rechargeable batteries. Should not be used in wet or dusty environments.

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